Sunday, November 30, 2008

Style Showdown: Ludacris vs. Pharrell

Looks like Pharrell isn't the only one who is feeling the Thriller inspired leather jacket. LUDACRIS wore a similar jacket version of the red and black jacket to a recent performance. Pharrell's is a little more detailed and almost identical to Michael Jackson' but nonetheless, Ludacris' version is still very similar.

Stop the Press!

Self-Proclaimed Divo Dwight, the honorary Housewife of Altanta will be getting his own show on Bravo! What?! I'm that excited about it! Cameras go behind the Purple Door, the name of his hair salon in Atlanta, Georgia. From the promo it looks like I will definitely be a fan! What about you?! Check out the trialer at

You Asked: Lance Gross' Jacket

One of my lovely readers Hajah asked:

I was wondering if you could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me. LANCE GROSS, Eva Pigford's boyfriend, did
a photoshoot with Derek Blanks and he has on a brown leather jacket in one of
the photos. He looks great and I want to send this jacket to my brother for
Christmas who is actually in the army in Iraq. I was wondering if you would know
how I would go about finding who makes it.

Okay Hajah, this is a hard one but I'll do my best to give you some great suggestions! Though I was not able to find the exact jacket worn by Gross there are some very stylish and affordable alternatives!

These are the best alternatives I could come up with, I hope I helped! Let me know how it all turns out!

The Hotness: Cartier Love Bracelet

I am really loving this bracelet seen on plenty of Hollywood's hottest. Not only is it stylish and classy, but it has such a great meaning behind it! Cartier boasts "How Far Would You Go For Love?" The Love collection includes bracelets, watches, cuffs, necklaces, and rings.

In the 1970s, imagination held sway and every flight of
fancy was possible. Screwed around the wrist of the beloved with a screwdriver,
the LOVE bracelet de Cartier thus became a provocative talisman and at the same
time an iconic symbol of a fusional love… Forgetting yourself until you are no
longer two, but one; possessing or letting yourself be possessed.And you, how
far would you go for LOVE?

I am fan of this bracelet and I recently spotted it on RIHANNA at a Gucci event. Every one was in a frenzy about her new tattoo, but I was drooling over the bracelet. I think it's so cute how it screws on with the included screwdriver representative of your commitment to that special person. Perfect for this holiday season, and even better for the next biggest holiday. No not Christmas or New Years....but February 14th Valentine's Day! :)

Please excuse my absence....

I know you all know what a crazy time of year it is! I have been going, going , going and I haven't had time to update like I would like to. But rest assured, I will be updating sooner than later! Thanks for reading! It's always very much appreciated!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dear Beyonce,

You continue to amaze me. I never get tired of looking at pics of you, your hubby, your entourage, that bodyguard or your fabulous wardrobe. I recently came across the pics of you Dowtown in Los Angeles (where was I?!) and you look super duper fly! lol I am loving the distressed jeans, they're juuust right, not too much (I know you saw pics of Brandy out and about last week). That cropped leather jacket is one of the many things appearing on my Christmas list this year and the shoes...done! Can you please send them to me when you are done with them? I love the platfom bottom! I can't wait to see this video as I know it will add major points to your already tipping swagger scale. Thanks B! Have a great holiday and good luck with that Ice Water thing, lol.


p.s. Congrats to you and Jay for basically....basically being filthy rich.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who Wore What?

The stars were out and about these past couple of days and dressed to impress! The UNICEF event brought out some of the hottest fashionista's around including MARY J. BLIGE, RIHANNA, and ERIN WASSON. Mary came to the event in a beautiful fur coat, along with her favorite Louis fur scarf. Kendu (her husband) was not her only arm candy for the night. She carried the Gucci Hysteria clutch with Zip top Closure that I absolutely love! I really love the bigger version of this, the Large tote with double handles. Rihanna showed up in a very beautiful lilac dress from Gucci's Spring 2009 collection. Chanel Iman looks nice in it but I much prefer it on RihRih, as she fills it out more and it just looks better. Both have on platform Gucci shoes with the dress, very pretty.
Model Erin Wasson took a page out of Beyonce's book and wore the Alexander McQueen Military Waistcoat that B performed in earlier this month. Wasson opted for all black, while it looks like B's stylist duplicate the looks from the magazines (as seen on Kate Moss). I like the all black look best.
Beyonce attended a party celebrating her Gotham Magazine issue wearing a Rock & Republic dress with a pair of her favorite Vintage Chanel Earrings. She dished to InStyle about these earrings, sharing that her mom got them for her. Personally, I wouldn't wear them, but B can pull just about anything off!

Usher at Club Nokia in LA

Usher's One Night Stand tour stopped in LA last night and I was in the house to experience the R&B crooner at his best. Head over to for the deets!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Hotness: Diamond Cream Facials

So in the very popular "Upgrade U" Beyonce basically runs down a list of what she can do for Jay, and it includes upgrading him to Diamond Cream Facials. Diamonds you say? Yes!

I know some of you may be wondering is that just a fancy name or what? I know I was. So I did a little research and I basically found that my little $30 bottle of Oil Of Olay facial cream is laughed upon by the users of these particular creams, lol. In the Style section of the LA Times recently, a feature was done on the $1,000 jars of facial cream that contain real diamond ad platinum minerals. I know....I was just as shocked. But that's most likely one of the secrets to her gorgeous glowing skin! LaMer and LaPrarie both have skin creams that easily cost you a stack (yes, I said a stack, lol). LaMer's Creme de la Mer goes for $1390.00, but that's for 16.5 oz, and LaPrarie's Cellular Cream Platinum Rare is an even $1,000 for only 1.7 oz! Crazy right? But te LaMer crem isn't diamond or platinum infused, just a really expensive face cream.BEYONCE revealed in a recent issue of InStyle her "Favorite things" and the Natura Bisse Diamond cream was amongst them. This particular cream is not as expensive as the $1,000 LaPraire Platinum cream (advertised as Precious Skincare for the Privileged Few), it goes for about $265.00 per jar. It is most likely the "diamond dream facial" she raps about in the song. Still out of my league for face cream, but I'll get there one day! :)

Sasha's Ballet Shoes....w/a twist!

We all got a glimpse of these dominatrix inspired shoes when BEYONCE shot her video for Green Light and again when RIHANNA did Umbrella, but it seems SASHA FIERCE decided she wanted to bring them back out for the new album promo shots. I am loving this edgy thing B has going on. A part of me thinks Sasha is B's little protection, like if Sasha is a little to sexual or edgy, we can just blame it on that other image, and the perfect Beyonce we all know will not be at fault. I must say, she's thought of everything! 
Back to the shoes. They are definitely impossible to walk in, and they place your feet at the most upright position, that of which true ballet dancers do on a daily. More power to B and all her dancers for attempting and succeeding at putting these on and standing up! I know her dancers are praying that she only uses these for photo shoots this time around!

I Am....Sasha Fierce in stores today!

NOVEMBER 18TH has arrived! BEYONCE'S newest album "I Am....Sasha Fierce" hits stores today and since I've already heard the whole thing, I can safely co-sign and say it's hot! I love the slow songs and the fast ones too! Right now my favs are: Hello, Halo, and Diva. She's definitely taking over, and she knows it! Everyone (other R&B chicks) needs to take a break and let her do their thing, otherwise they will just be embarrassed. Let the queen show you how it's done! 

*And in honor of Sasha/Beyonce, all of my posts today will be Beyonce related in some way shape or form! If you don't like it....too bad! lol It's B-Season dammit!

Monday, November 17, 2008

This N' That

This weekend I liked: KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN'S Maria Hoffan dress from the Fall '08 Collection. Rihanna was also spotted in this piece, but a much longer version.
CASSIE'S YSL Platform Pull On Boot that Jennifer Lopez & Raven Symone are also fans of.
LINDSAY LOHAN'S Sequin Bow Front Dress she wore at the VIP Room Theatre.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Hotness: Beyonce's Dress on Oprah

OMG! That dress was amazing! I know I'm late, but I just watched my Tivo'd episode of Oprah when BEYONCE appeared and I am loving the dress she wore. While I'm almost sure it's a House of Dereon creation, it is by far the best piece I've seen from the line. If not, it's still bomb! lol The way the colors worked together, the sequined strap, tulle embellishments and the Herve Ledger banded effect, all created a fabulous dress. It was hard top get pics pf the whole dress, but check out what I was able to scrounge up. What do you think? To watch the video and get more quotes, head over to Stuff Fly People Like.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview was when B was talking about being referred to as a "wife." She kept it real by saying:
"The most important thing is to make sure you have your own life, before your
someone else’s wife. And I mean that.”
I know that's right! I love this woman!

I Want That/Bag Lady!

So I have an obsession with bags! I love collecting them, but I'm very selective and picky about what works for me and what doesn't. With that said, I am currently waiting on my Givenchy Nightingale to arrive on my doorstep any day now, but since I ordered that two more bags have caught my eye (I know, I know). You're probably thinking enough is enough, but I can't help myself.
The first of the two is the Jimmy Choo "Eva" clutch, which is not something I'd typically like, but since I've started going out more and more in the past few years, I realize that my obsession for oversize bags is not always appropriate, and it can really mess up a nice outfit. This bag seems like it'd add just enough to an already classy dress or an even more casual look. I love the watchstrap hardware! I think that's definitely what won me over!
The second bag is the YSL Besace Messenger bag. I saw this bag while browsing the net one day and then most recently on Elle Magazine's editor in chief Anne Slowey on Stylista. I love a bag I can use different ways. Ths bag for example can be worn over the shoulder like most bags or the strap can be lenghtened to be carried across the chest, like a true messenger bag. I like the black one. Fans of this bag include Rihanna of the gold one and Jessica Alba of the black.

So these are my current obsessions as far as bags go! What bags are you eyeing?

Which Atlanta Housewife are YOU?

I took the test and I was kind of shocked by the results. The one housewife that gets on my nerves the 2nd most is the one I am! But when you read the questions, and the way they're worded, I see why I am "Sheree." She's hilarious to me, but this is the summation of why you scored the way you did at the end of the quiz:

You value class above all else. Reputation is important to you and
you want a good one. You throw lavish parties and have fabulous connections, and
people aspire to have the status you maintain. Money isn't everything but you
believe its important top keep up a certain lifestyle. And honey, yours is firece.
This is too funny! To take the test and find out which housewife you are head over to Let me know how you do!

Alicia Keys' Metallic Jacket

I actually liked the jacket ALICIA KEYS wore the the Keep a Child Alive event last night. It was a great mix of color and I'd say it was pretty uexpected. It really took her look to a more casual, yet still classy level. As we all know, this look can easily turn into an eye sore if executed wrong. I know you remember Miss JENNIFER HUDSON at the Oscar's right?
Alica gets an A+ from me!

Links of Love!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but my computers (both of them) have been infected and working on them with all the viruses is an absolute nightmare. I will be getting them fixed this weekend. So hopefully it's not that much longer. Anyhow, while things are slow over here, here are some Links of Love!

Elle over at in a word...FAB basically sums up the shows worth waching this season, and it looks like our Tivo lists would be identical!

The Fashion Bomb covers the madness at the H&M in New York during the release of Comme des Garçons.

Jennifer Hudson resurfaces with GAP campaign, details over at Urban-Hoopla.

The Fashion Manifesto says "When in doubt, wear Red"

Check out Beyonce, or should I say Sasha Fierce's lastest promo shots over at Stuff Fly People Like. They're hot!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bag Lady: Roberto Cavalli Apple Bag

BEYONCE was recently spotted in the airport carrying a Robert Cavalli Apple Bag. The bag has become very popular, worn by another beautiful lady, HALLE BERRY. This is where I first spotted the bag, and when I started drooling over it. I love the unstructerud shape of the bag, it looks so soft and the hard handles counter it just right. These two are not the only ladies to be seen carrying the circular arm candy; BLAKE LIVELY, VICTORIA BECKHAM, BAR RAFAELI, & JESSICA SIMPSON are all owners of this bag too.

Get the look: Alicia Keys

ALICIA KEYS recently wore this jumpsuit during a performance and I really liked it. For some reason, right now I am really gravitating towards them when I go shopping. They can be dressed up or down. You can throw on heels and a belt (as did Alicia), or you can put on a pair of cute flat sandals and make it more casual. I was shopping last night and when I stopped in Forever 21, I saw that they were really catering to jumpsuit-happy people! I tried one on, and it wasn't bad, but I didn't love the way it looked on me, so I left it for someone who would.
When I went on the website, they have one similar to Alicia's, minus the deep V-neck, which is probably more appropriate for everyday wear anyway. The Abby Knit Jumpsuit is only $19.80 and I think paired up with a bright shoe like Alicia's, you can duplicate the look. There are a few versions of the jumpsuit over at Forever 21, so take your pick. My shoe suggestion would be the Giambattista Valli's pink platform.

I'm Into: Fur Vests

I like this look, and I'm not really a fur person but I am feeling this look. I love animals, so of course I'm interested in a faux fur vest, that looks just as good of course. I noticed this vest on RACHEL ZOE while watching the Rachel Zoe Project, and if you know this woman, you know she's the fur queen! I was particularly interested in her vest, specifically her Jenni Kayne genuine Coyote fur vest. I also noticed this vest on one of the OLSEN TWINS, who rocked it almost identical to Zoe. They look so much alike, it's almost hard to tell them apart. I am really digging this look, and KATE MOSS makes a animal friendly version. It's not as fluffly, but it will get the job done.
Unfortunately, everything she produces for TopShop sells out in minutes, so good luck getting your hands on one!

I put together a look of how I'd wear my fur vest, what do you think? What would you pair yout vest up with (assuming that you'd wear one at all)?
*Peep the Givenchy Nightingale bag I threw in! I want this bag sooo bad!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rihanna loves her Betty Boop!

RIHANNA has been spotted in this shirt on more than one occasion and it's obvious she's a fan of the Rocker Betty Boop. She was most recently seen in the shirt in the airport a few days ago, rocking it with a black sweater, torn jeans, huge shades and her Gucci Baboska bag.
She rocked it before in black while out to eat, with black pants and a gold belt. The next time she was making a Popeyes run, pairing the shirt with red jeans, gold belt, and red Louis Vuitton Gina shades. I think Rocker Betty reminds her of her "Good Girl Gone Bad" side, what do you think?

Fab Finds!

Ok, so you know whenever I find something amazing for an even more amazing price I have to pass it on! I was on one of my fav costume jewelry sites and I found these cute geometric pendants in an array of colors! Geometric design in definitely in this season and will continue into the Spring. You can look on any runway and see the gepmetric inspiration behind many pieces. These necklaces are only $12.99, and definitely a Fab Find!
I have long been a fan of these "Genie" pants, but I could never picture myself in them! I am not the tiniest girl and I always felt like that's who this look was made for since it exaggerates the size of the legs anyway. But I have recently really started to like them! I think I'm even going to take the leap and buy a pair. It's not that big of a commitment since I can get the look for only $15.80! Forever 21 has a pair of Shirred Ankle Draped Capri pants that I can test the waters with. Besides, I know the ones from Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren's Spring 2009 lines are way more than that!

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Love My....


I have been seeing this necklace everywhere. I first saw it back in August when I interviewed CASSIE on the set of FNMTV. She told me it was by Givenchy and that she loved their Fall collection.  Since then, it's been everywhere! The fabulous statement piece has been spotted on MADONNA, JENNIFER LOPEZ, and most recently BRANDY

 I love the dress that seems to be attached to the puff sleeve black dress, as JLo, Madonna and Brandy all have the dress on with the necklace and it's also like this on the runway. You can see in the black and white picture that it is part of the dress. I love this look! Especially with the shoes from the runway look. 

A cheaper alternative was created by Marciano, not as beautiful, but definitely much cheaper. 

Style Showdown: Cassie vs. Solange

It looks like CASSIE was digging through SOLANGE'S closet, or at least in that general area when she wore this feather number to Diddy's birthday party last night. The vest/shrug type jacket really amps a dress up and creates an entire new look. Plenty of people didn't agree with this look for Solo, but I was one of the few who really loved it, and I like it on Cassie also. I do have to say I think I like Cassie's better because it is all black and Solo's has the extra colored feathers hanging, I could live w/o that part. Who do you think won this style showdown?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dear Barack Obama,

I am experiencing a feeling so unreal and so overwhelming! I cannot believe that a person that will lead this country and be the person we as a country look to for guidance, support, words of encouragement, and change looks like me. I am so excited and proud! My eyes flood and my vision blurs every time I see your face and your family.

Barack you are the beginning of something I am so proud and anxious to be a part of. What you have done goes far beyond filling a seat in a political position. You mean far more than your outstanding number of electoral votes won. What you mean is far more than what a person can sum up in words. Your are truly the reason those in the past have fought so hard and sacrificed so much for. I love what you represent and I cannot wait to be a part of this journey. This is only the beginning!

With Love, Admiration and Sincerity,

-Jessica W.

Check out my article!

The Game shot the video for his new song "Camera Phone" featuring Neyo yesterday and I went to cover it for Check it out, I took lots of pics and there were some other celebrity appearances too. It's all in the article, let me know what you think.


"If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer." President-Elect BARACK OBAMA
Words truly cannot describe how I am feeling right now. I am so emotional, I've been a crybaby all night, lol. But they're tears of joy and pride! I am so grateful to be able to witness this very historical event and I do not take it for granted at all. Congratulations BARACK!!! Yes we DID!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I VOTED!!!!!

I just returned frOm the polls and I am proud to be able to say that I was a part of this historical moment. When I walked to the booth, I took a a deep breath, got a little emo (emotional for those who don't know me, lol), but not to the point of tears I was just proud! The line was super short compared to some that I've seen.
My mom & I were all prepared with newspapers, beachchairs and our ipods, but none of that was necessary. We were there probably a total of 30 minutes, voting inlcuded. I can't wait to watch the returns! I have to head to The Game's video set for a song he's doing w/Neyo to cover it for Rap-Up, but they better have a little TV or something where I can keep track of what's happening!!

VOTE!!! VOTE!!! VOTE!!!!

I cannot stress how important it is! GO VOTE! Not only for the president but for the propositions that your state has up for voting. There are some serious issues on the ballot, so get educated and know what you're doing when you get to the polls. If you've never voted before and are not sure where to go to do so, click here to find out. I am so proud today!!! The countdown begins....*anxious*