Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Hotness: Weekend Fab!

With all of the events that took place this weekend, there were plenty of opportunities to dress to impress on the red carpet.

First, there is Rip the Runway co-host LAUREN LONDON who is pictured here on the red carpet for the event. And if the things she's been wearing lately are all from the Sean John line for women, I am most definitely interested! She is pictured here in a tan 3/4 puff sleeve dress with a fantastic pair of boots! I am a very big fan of platformed boots, it adds so much character to a shoe, especially a pair of boots. The accessories, the thick snake skin belt and orange stone bracelet, make the outfit complete and the belt by the way is fabulous! Not to mention her hair an make up is very on point.

CHRISTINA MILIAN took the meaning of the black dress and totally redefined it! She looks stunning at an event for Billboard, and her hair is perfect for the dress. The swept up bun gives her shoulders and neck the showcase they deserve. I love the neckline, it's not too low as to where it looks inappropriate, and remains elegant and classy. Loves it!

"The Game" star TIA MOWRY wore this very beautiful black dress that faded into a charcoal gray color. I love that it comes all the way up to the neck and the pleating is perfect! The color is really what caught my eye and I had the perfect shoes in mind that are from PRADA, but she pick out a shoe that was just as good, if not better for the dress. I am loving this dress, and even though I like a lot of things, that doesn't necessarily mean I'd put it on. This however, I would definitely wear!

A woman who never ever disappoints me on the red carpet, KERRY WASHINGTON looks amazing! She attended an ESSENCE event honoring Black women in Hollywood and she was absolutely dressed to impress. This white peasant topped dress, set off by the high waist silver bottom is so adorable! I am loving the fit, and all the way down to the clutch and the peep toe shoes...it's a hit!

MARY J. BLIGE attended Elton John's Aids Foundation gala wearing a very beautiful Grecian inspired draped gown. The wrap dress is similar to TIA's in coloring with the fading from dark to light. I love the long portion that hangs from he back like a scarf, and she looks gorgeous. I love it.

Everything looks amazing and I wish I could get my hands on just about every single dress in this post!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Style Showdown [Bag Edition]: Beyonce vs. Rihanna

Both of these superstar singers were spotted rocking the same Louis Vuitton bag, but in different colors. BEYONCE was spotted out last night with her longtime beau JAY Z for dinner in NY wearing her CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Ariella boots, with wide leg denim pants and a wrap jacket topped off with a beret. B's bag is a darker gray and features green croc handles.

RIHANNA was spotted late last year toting the bag around various places, but the shot of her here is from a shopping trip she took while in the LOUIS VUITTON store in Paris. She wore a striped black and white jacket, black pants, and thigh high leather boots. [there's also a pic of her in LA shopping] RihRih's bag is brown, also with stitched monogram, featuring black handles and gold hardware.

Which bag you like better? BEYONCE'S or RIHANNA'S?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Look Of The Week: Rihanna

This silver metallic dress the RIHANNA wore on a recent red carpet, is so adorable and pairing the equally shiny stiletto shoes make it pretty much perfect. I love the cut of this dress and the little shoestring bow at the waist. This is definitely my favorite look of the week so far! *oh yeah and RihRih and I share the same birthday, so Happy Birthday to her too!* :)

I Just Thought This Was Cute.....

LAUREN'S look for a party she hosted was very casual, but still very stylish. I love the all black and then the addition of the bright yellow motorcycle jacket to set it off. It's not the first time we've seen her in this style of pant, but she definitely knows how to change it up to keep it interesting. Loves it!

Wooohoooo!!!! I'm 22!

It's My Birthday!!!! This 21st year has been a fun, exciting, interesting one, but I'm willing to bet the 22nd will definitely have much more in store! I love life, and it loves me back! I;s so thankful to be surrounded by the loving people in my life and I can't wait to see you all @ the celebration! xoxo I am this happy *stretching arms out* right now! :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

On The Hunt......

....for LINDSAY'S shoe!

I saw LOHAN in this shoe twice in the past week. Once to the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Italian Film Festival, and again while out and about on Valentine's Day. I am thinking they are the CHANEL'S famous Cap toe Spectator pumps, but I am not too sure. Either way, they are hot, but since they are on Lindsay's foot, I'm willing to bet that the come from CHANEL. I could only find black and white versions of the shoe, and not the cream and black color LiLo is donning. I would definitely rock these! Very, very Cute! Oh and her dress in the first shoe is adorable! This dress & shoes was the very closer runner up for my "Look of the Week," but I think I found another. She is the fashionista that I think has her style all figured out and she always finds a way to change it up just enough to keep us watching. As usual, if you happen to come across these babies, let me know! Thanks! :)

Double Takes: Kerry Washington

KERRY wore these STELLA MCCARTNEY shoes back in November to an awards ceremony and then just recently to a Valentine's Day gala. She is an impeccable dresser, so she never ceases to amaze me, but I am totally loving this look! The shoes look great both times around and create two different looks. I can't decide which one I like better, the coordination of the shoes with the latest dress is however probably my fav. I wish I could raid HER closet! KERRY is always dressing to impress. Loves it!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lindsay's Louis Bag

Looks like LOHAN got her hands on a bag from LOUIS VUITTON's Spring 2008 collection which premiered on the runway last year. It's the perfect bag for the new season, with it's bright colors, especially for Valentine's day. LOHAN was attending traffic school, also in a purple FREE CITY hoody, shorts, tights and a pair of her famous black boots, when she decided to use the bag a shield from the paparazzi (but I think she just wanted us all to see her new bag, lol!)

Beyonce's DIOR Shoes!!

Fashionista BEYONCE is in Las Vegas this week for the MAGIC show, and she was photographed today out and about promoting "House of Dereon's" Spring collection. She was doing her best to shy away from cameras, but those eye-catching shoes did anything but avoid grabbing my attention. The shoes are by John Galliano for CHRISTIAN DIOR.

The interesting design features:
• Gold metallic.
• Gold-tone hardware.
• Open toe.
• Buckled slingback.
• Platform sole; pearlized bead detail on sole and heel.
• 5 1/2" decorated heel.
• Made in Italy.

BEYONCE paired the slingback with a gray and black dress that featured gold stitching and straps that form an X in the back. I am not feeling the dress so much, but the shoes are something I don't mind looking at. The shoe's official name is the "Metallic Calfskin Platform Slingback," and they retail for $1,030. Head over here to grab a pair.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Although it is "Happy Single Awareness Day!" for me, Happy Valentine's Day to all those happy couples! I hope everyone has a wonderful, day, full of love and all the great things it has to offer!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who stops by my blog and checks it out, I really appreciate the support and the comments....you all are great!! xoxo

Monday, February 11, 2008

Style Showdown: Solange vs. Alexis Phifer

So, when SOLANGE hit the red carpet, or the black carpet in this case, to attend the Timbalands Verizon Wireless event, she rocked this very shiny black plastic-looking strapless dress, and a pair of white peep toe sock looking shoes, which are the subject of this edition of the "Style Showdown." I like the look, only becuase it is outside the box and the not like everyone else on the carpet. B's little sis is up against KANYE's fiance ALEXIS PHIFER.

PHIFER wore a design from her own collection at her fashion show for GHITA last year along with a very similar pair of shoes as SOLANGE above. The looks are pretty much the same: a short black dress with the white peep toe shoes. What do you all think? SOLO or ALEXIS?

*another person to rock these shoes this weekend was singer KERI HILSON, but in black. I like the way they look with her outfit the most. They are not my fav pair of shoes but HILSON definitely wore the best outfit with them.

Me No Likey: Grammy Fashion

So, here are a few of the things that I did not like from this weekends festivities.

The dress that rapper LIL MAMA had on reminded me of a nun. It was a very weird selection and I think it was the worst thing on the red carpet all week. The colors are what give it the nun look, and I do not know who her stylist is, but they need to be let go immediately!!! This is wrong in so many ways....*smh*

The next look that had my mouth wide open, and not in a good way, was CHRIS BROWN. He is usually pretty clean cut and attractive but I was not really feeling the red and white look he had going on here. It looks like a cheap prom outfit, and it's just too much. The red accents on the jacket make for a cheap look and it's just not nice.

shocked me with this dress. I don't like it at all, and I'm suprised she decided to rock it this weekend. The floor length, long sleeve, turtle neck dress was not something I see her in, and it's just a dress that does not posses the funky edge that RIHANNA does.

This woman never really ends up in my "Me No Likey" section because the people that are usually here are people who surprise me by what they are wearing. If I did one of these weekly, JANICE COMBS would likely be here more often than not. I'm not hating on her style, it's just way to over the top for my taste, but she is only doing her, and I can't be mad at that. The contacts, the fur, the blonde wigs and shiny clothes never go anywhere, they simply change style and color. But like I said, she's just doing her. More power to her!

Grammy Trend: Shiny & Sparkly

When checking out this year's Grammy fashions, I noticed that many of the stars were very shiny. I personally do not like this material, but it can pass sometimes. For example with KEYSHIA COLE, I think she pulled it off. The halter dress and the shoes make for a very stylish ensemble, and little COLE looks very cute in it. I give her a thumbs up for shiny fashion.

Another one of my favorite singers BRANDY also exercised the shiny look with a kimono style dress along with one of the other most popular trends: black tights w/black shoes. She wore this dress to an awards afterparty, and I like the look, BRANDY looks cute and her jewelry is amazing too.

Next is another dress that was absolutely not my favorite, but nonetheless, still shiny. JILL SCOTT wore this dress to the awards ceremony and though it is not very becoming, I still love her. The color, cut and style is not attractive, but she doesn't look absolutely horrible. I also don't like the fact that her undergarments (spanks) show, due to the material of this dress.

One of the hosts for your nightly Entertainment shows SHAUN ROBINSON, of Access Hollywood [thanks JAWN!] wore a shiny v-neck dress with an embellished empire waist. The dress is not bad, and she rocked the right accessories with it. Cute look, not so cute material.

And last but not least is AMERIE. She is showing of the thing she's most famous for, right after her voice of course. Those legs must be the "One thing that had him trippin'," because she loves to sow them off, and rightfully so. This black layered dress was paired with a pair of YSL tribute pumps that I've seen her in a few times before, including CHINGY's video featuring her. This is probably the best one, especially because it is the furthest thing away from that material ad possible. Good look girlie!

For My Fellas: Stylish Suits

These men looked amazing in their suits last night! I liked SEAL look the best because his look was different. He wore an all white suit, slim black tie, with a pair of sneakers, which was what won me over. The shoes really relax the look and make for a more playful SEAL.

Of course, JAY-Z, the man who boasts that his closet has 2 complete floors (levels) is looking amazing in his suit. The TOM FORD suit looked absolutely amazing on CARTER and I fell in love with the jacket becuase it featured a very interesting pattern which reminded me of PRADA a bit. Either way, he looked fantastic.

The last person that I thought was worth mentioning is LUDACRIS. He was wearing GIORGIO ARMANI and he wore it well. The all black suite and dress shirt was paired with a white tie and handkerchief, breaking up the solid black just enough. still remaining very classy. He comes in close second right behind SEAL. I like this look very much.

Grammy Glamour

Because there were so many outfit changes, parties, shows, post parties, etc. this week, I just decided to post my favorite looks of the festive weekend.

BEYONCE KNOWLES looked amazing in her number of looks last night, but I think this is the one I liked the most. It was an Elie Saab gown, and the ice blue color looks great against her skin. I love the cut up top, the asymmetrical line makes it a little more interesting. Not so sure about the hair, I can see the look she was going for but I'm not sure it was achieved, or if I like it.

Next, contrary to popular opinion, I liked KEYSHIA COLE's look. The only thing I would have changed was her shoes, I would have added something a little more funky and chunky. I'm not really feeling strappy sandals lately. I love the dress, she looks like a little doll, not to mention the black hair. I really think this color looks good on her. The blonde wasn't bad, but having had orange, red, and platinum, I think she proved she can rock just about any color and pass.

A girl who rarely disappoints, RIHANNA wore a beautiful royal blue Zac Posen dress that I loved. Some thought it was not good for her figure, but I think she looks great!The feathers under the skirt of the dress add to the fluffy look. I think it could work with r without the straps but looks good either way.

Next, another royal blue number on NELLY FURTADO. The Grecian inspired strapless gown was stunning on FURTADO. I am not however, feeling the hair. The slick back look does nothing for her.

Songstress NATASHA BEDINGFIELD wore this very cute purple flowing dress that was very simple, yet stylish. The belt adds a very visible waistline and add some style to the dress. This very striking color and does a lot for her. Me likey.

I Just Thought This Was Cute.....

....KELIS' hat.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

FEBRUARY 7, 2008 - National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Today is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness day, and like COMMON said "Knowing is Beautiful." If you don't know your status, I highly recommend going to get tested. You could be living with the virus for 5 years before having any symptoms, meanwhile unprotected sex can still spread it. I think this is why it's so rampant among our people. And remember if you get tested and you test negative, wait six months and get tested again, because the virus may not have fully developed and the anitbodies may not yet be present. And remember SAFE SEX!!!! That's one of the few ways to prevent it, and of course the best one: abstinence. Head over to BLACK AIDS DAY for more info, and Wrap it up!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ms. Badu is BACK!!!

AMERYKAH as she has been referring to herself as lately has a new song and video and I am excited. The song is absolutely amazing, I love the concept and the track. Check it out & see what you think! Badu recently covered GIANT magazine where she, for the first time in an interview, revealed some of the details behind her relationships w/rappers COMMMON and ANDRE 3000.

I Just Thought This Was Cute.....

...CASSIE's coat.

I'm not one that generally feels furry, but this coast looks soooo soft! I truly would not mind having one to keep me warm.