Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Am....Sasha Fierce in stores today!

NOVEMBER 18TH has arrived! BEYONCE'S newest album "I Am....Sasha Fierce" hits stores today and since I've already heard the whole thing, I can safely co-sign and say it's hot! I love the slow songs and the fast ones too! Right now my favs are: Hello, Halo, and Diva. She's definitely taking over, and she knows it! Everyone (other R&B chicks) needs to take a break and let her do their thing, otherwise they will just be embarrassed. Let the queen show you how it's done! 

*And in honor of Sasha/Beyonce, all of my posts today will be Beyonce related in some way shape or form! If you don't like it....too bad! lol It's B-Season dammit!

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