Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Can we zoom in on RIHANNA for a minute....

This chick is absolutely at the top of her game right now. I am loving every single thing I see her in, yes, even the one-piece long john get up. RIHANNA is truly one to watch, she stars and follows trends but it careful not to suffer from trend overload. I'm just going to point our dome of the pure fabulosity that chick has been rocking this past couple of weeks. I'm talking exclusive ish.

Let's start with not one but both of the Louis Vuitton Mahina XXL bags.

One in black and one in white...I have the black one and just the pure knowledge that this bag is over 3,000 makes me sick, yet she has two *smh*

Next, she's rocking the Louis Vuitton Monogramoflauge scarf while trotting around Manhattan. Monica was also spotted wearing the scarf over a month ago, along with the Speedy 30 that goes with it. She also has on a very cute pair of sandals by Chanel. The Diamante Jelly Sandals are dainty and make it look as if a big diamond rests upon your toes. Cute!

She has the GUCCI Babouska collection Boston Bag. I've never seen this style, but leave it to Rihanna to introduce it to me. I am into the bag that matches the rest of the collection of bolted and studded accessories.

The last thing I'm going to focus on is the Louis Vuitton "Gina" sunglasses. She is rocking them in red, and they are suck a cute pair of Vintage looking glasses. My BFF has them in tan but she really wanted red. Leave it up to her to grab the "sold out" red pair. They retail for roughly $550.

As we all know, I could so this for days, she is so fierce. But that was just a "zoom in" on this chick's fabulosity. I love it!


Florieshie said...

i really like how she dresses its fresh and cute.and those LV bags...sigh

Don said...

I like how you spotte the fashion piece then went and found the image....and yes, Rihanna is HOT.

Jess said...

omg, thank you because that was a little frustrating, but I found it all! :) good 2 know someone appreciated it!