Monday, March 30, 2009

If this ain't a smoke eye....

...I don't know what is!
The Queen attended her 39th birthday party out here in LA over the weekend and it's obvious why she's a Cover Girl. The skin is flawless, and whoever did this make-up need to hold a "How-to" session on the "Smoke Eye." Blending is perfect and the outcome, DONE! I love it!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

This heightens my anticipation!

I'm excited for BEYONCE'S tour even more now!!! The Sasha Fierce show will be bomb! I just know it. The last one was amazing, I saw it live and watch the DVD at least once a week! Can't wait!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Foot Fetish: Statement Shoes

I am a huge love of statement pieces! Whether it be a piece of jewelry, a shoe or a timeless article of clothing.. Right now I cannot get enough of the Dillian shoe from Chrisitan Louboutin! I am sooo infatuated with this shoe! It's so over the top but still stylish! The ruffle detailfgives it just that over-the-top finish and for a real statement piece, over-the-top is not enough! So why not add a little snakeskin on top of it all?! Yes!!! The shoes come in various colors, but my fav are the Roccia Python. All of them have 12 cm heels and I am in love with them! What are we thinking people? Do we love this statement shoe?

Zoom In: Some things never change....

RIHANNA has not let the drama as of late throw any kinks in her fashion program. She is definitely stepping out and in some of the flyyest pieces I've seen in a minute! Just to name a few....

....I'd like to zoom in on this sweater she has on here! No clue who it's by or where you can find it but I DO know it's hot! Love love love the gray and fur mix, and it's so over the top a jeans and t-shirt work perfectly with it! The gloves set it off!

And I am loving the detail of the jeans!!!

This very cute little Miami style silk number was perfect for going to the club and I would not typically think it is very hot but she pulls it off. Very cute...loving the shorts!

Lastly, she is house hunting in LALA Land and think chick is basically letting everyone know there ain't a damn thing wrong with her fashion sense! I am over here drooling off of her silver sling back Loubotins! I want htem NOW!

I just got my first pair, but definitely kept it simple and black bcus I am going to get my money's worth! lol Something RiRi doesn't have to worry about! The studded blazer is amazing and the shorts are a very nice touch. It was a perfect day in LA for this type of look!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are You Going Green?

March 17, 2009 - St. Patrick's Day....while most would say bring on the booze I'm saying bring on the shoes....and bags, and clothes! :) We all know there are some amazing pieces out there right now, but I've complied a list of my fav green items to help you go green (literally) this St. Patty's Day.

Keeping it comfortable and stylish, these Marc by Marc Jacobs sandals are the perfect green, and they can go with tons of outfits and can be accessorized up or down. They retail for $225.00 and you can grab a pair over at

This croc flap clutch form Nancy Gonzalez is perfect for St. Patty's Day and the rest of Spring in this gorgeous Lime color. It's going set you back $1,400 and it's available at

Juicy Couture has this very cute three-quarter sleeve wool coat. I love the ruffled hem the best! It retails for $628.00 at

You can also go green with this very bright apple green Fendi logo wallet. It features the classic chain and is a real statement piece. Once again, something you'll be able to wear through Spring. If you want a very fabulous place to store your money and credit cards for about $580.00, visit

This watersnake hobo from Christian Louboutin is the most beautiful mint green color I've seen in a while. I love the look and I'm sure I'd love the supple texture even more! In order to have this piece of arm candy, you'd have to be willing to shell out a pretty penny, $2,895 to be exact. Gotta have it? Head over to

This Versace resin link bracelet is so classy and simple. I love the stone in the middle, it adds character but is not too much. There's a time for huge stones and bangles, this bracelet is the opposite. It was retailing for $580.00 but it's marked down to $289.00 at and I'm sure it will go quickly so if you like it, you'd better get it now.

And fellas, I didn't forget about you! You can rock these Steven Sprouse tribute collection Louis Vuitton graffiti sneaker boots for $980.00. Grab them over at, they also come in orange.

If you're not trying to go all out....just pick up a simple shirt. I like the color of the one from Band of Outsiders. The overdyed batiste shirt is a bright green that's sure to make any St. Patty's day lucky! Head over to to check it out.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Don't drink too much and stay fashionably green!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Hotness: Kissable Couture

So this weekend I ended up at The Make Up Show, the annual trade show for the best of the best in makeup. I was in LaLa land needless to say! I got some amazing deals on brushes, met tons of people and got to work with celebrity make-up artist A.J. CRIMSON (his clients include Estelle, Fergie, Keyshia Cole, Letoya Luckett to name a few) at his Kissable Couture booth! If you haven't heard of the line, you're truly missing out! A.J. is partnered with KEISHA WHITAKER, wife of Oscar award winning actor Forest Whitaker, and the two came together about a year and a half ago to bring you the ultimate luxury lip gloss!

After working with him yesterday, I practically know the line inside and out and I've already picked some of my favorite shades! I am a BIG fan of Honesty, a caramel-ish color that had just enough sparkle, and my other favorite is First Lady. This one was created especially for Michelle Obama and it is a limited edition color so you better get yours while it's in stock!

I also like Dreams for when I'm not in the mood for much color but I still want satiny soft Kissable lips with a hint of pink!

Check them out at ....... Fashion for your lips! I'm sure you'll love t!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Guess Those Feet....

Guess which woman has her feet in the newest, hottest shoes from Louis Vuitton!
HINT: She's an international pop icon, mother and fashion designer.

Shoe Showdown Part 1 & 2

The first shoe showdown is between SOLANGE, KEYSHIA COLE & MEAGAN GOOD. They all rocked these Pierre Hardy Plastic Strap Sandals. Meagan was the last person to wear them at the recent taping if Snoop's show Dogg After Dark, which I went to the taping of a few weeks and...and I have no comment, lol.Who is rocking the shoes best?

There's also the Louis Vuitton shoes that AMBER ROSE, Kanye's new arm candy was rocking and then I spotted CHRISTINA MILIAN rocking the same shoes just the other day at The Dreams album release party. Two very different looks for one very cute shoe. I didnt even this these were that hot when I saw Madonna in them in the new ad, but these girls make me reconsider! What do you think?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I cannot even begin to tell you how in awe I am at Kanye an his new little piece of arm candy Amber Rose. They are so fresh! I mean really....she wears some of the most revealing, outrageous things but she puts her own funky twist on it and it looks good. I know many of you will disagree but anyone on Kanye's arm has got to be rocking the flyyesst ish. Since I've been watching the couple, it's nothing but high-end designers and funky tights to show off that crazy shape she has! She's different and I like that....not your typical fashionista. I can't wait to see what these two will pop up in next....they are killing fashion week so far!

They're featured over in my "Style Star of the Moment" slideshow, but I need to zoom-in on these Chanel shades she's wearing! AMAZING! I really want to get my hands on these!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's on the Tube: Harlem Heights

Well it's obvious I got my fair share of BET last night! Right after Rip the Runway was the premiere of Harlem Heights a new reality series about a group of twenty-something socialite friends trying to make it big and lay their own paths in their respective industries. They reside in Harlem, and they are very proud of it! I have only been able to visit Harlem once but when I went I love it! I only wish I could have stayed longer!

Anyways, I'm excited to finally see a reality show on BET that is not a joke or embarrasing...."not all black people live in the ghetto" (Baldwin Hills anyone?) Of course, the drama is there because what's good TV w/o drama, right? But I like it so far. It's socially conscious ad I love that all of these people are doing great things. Law school, designers for Victoria's Secret, Nonprofit's all so inspiring! I love it....hopefully they don't make me regret it! lol

And to bring it back to fashion....what is Brooke wearing at the premiere party? *smh* Kanye's ex is trying to be a little too different here for me. It is dancing on the line between high-fashion and skanky. Hmmmm Brooke, I don't know about this one, but the rest of the girls looked fabulous!

I love watching just to see what the girls pop up in next, especially Brianna!

Monday nights @ 10pm.....7pm for those on the WC with DirecTv.... :) Enjoy!

The Hotness: Rip The Runway 2009

So BET aired their annual fashion show concert last night and a part of me was impressed while the other part was left wanting more....

JOY BRYANT and DEREK LUKE had a mini Antwone Fisher reunion as the shows hosts and I was a little bored with them. I liked Lauren London and Nelly last year better.

TOCARRA blessed the stage along with every other past ANTM contestant! I mean I saw girls from like 4 seasons ago! At least they're getting some work...I'm not mad at them! She is pictured with The Dream Rockin That Thing.

The big girls stepped out and represented well. I know this show usually includes them, but this year they rocked swimsuits! And they had the most attitude and uumph on the catwalk! I loved it!

Some of the other designers included Korto, who was recently a finalist on Project Runway, Byron Lars, Johnny Vincent, and Akoo. To get the full list, look at more fashions and get backstage access visit


Now I usually love what CHRISTINA does, but I'm a little on the fence about this one....

It reeeeally blond! But then again she can pull almost anything off. I like her because she takes chances and she isn't afraid to do things that most of us are (fahsion-wsie). It may have to grow on me for now I think it would look better wet or something. We'll see how long she keeps it this way...