Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Hotness: Diamond Cream Facials

So in the very popular "Upgrade U" Beyonce basically runs down a list of what she can do for Jay, and it includes upgrading him to Diamond Cream Facials. Diamonds you say? Yes!

I know some of you may be wondering is that just a fancy name or what? I know I was. So I did a little research and I basically found that my little $30 bottle of Oil Of Olay facial cream is laughed upon by the users of these particular creams, lol. In the Style section of the LA Times recently, a feature was done on the $1,000 jars of facial cream that contain real diamond ad platinum minerals. I know....I was just as shocked. But that's most likely one of the secrets to her gorgeous glowing skin! LaMer and LaPrarie both have skin creams that easily cost you a stack (yes, I said a stack, lol). LaMer's Creme de la Mer goes for $1390.00, but that's for 16.5 oz, and LaPrarie's Cellular Cream Platinum Rare is an even $1,000 for only 1.7 oz! Crazy right? But te LaMer crem isn't diamond or platinum infused, just a really expensive face cream.BEYONCE revealed in a recent issue of InStyle her "Favorite things" and the Natura Bisse Diamond cream was amongst them. This particular cream is not as expensive as the $1,000 LaPraire Platinum cream (advertised as Precious Skincare for the Privileged Few), it goes for about $265.00 per jar. It is most likely the "diamond dream facial" she raps about in the song. Still out of my league for face cream, but I'll get there one day! :)


Anonymous said...

it's "diamond creme facials" not diamond dream facials

Jess said...

It's actually either or....try clicking on some of the titles of creams and you'll see.