Monday, November 24, 2008

Dear Beyonce,

You continue to amaze me. I never get tired of looking at pics of you, your hubby, your entourage, that bodyguard or your fabulous wardrobe. I recently came across the pics of you Dowtown in Los Angeles (where was I?!) and you look super duper fly! lol I am loving the distressed jeans, they're juuust right, not too much (I know you saw pics of Brandy out and about last week). That cropped leather jacket is one of the many things appearing on my Christmas list this year and the shoes...done! Can you please send them to me when you are done with them? I love the platfom bottom! I can't wait to see this video as I know it will add major points to your already tipping swagger scale. Thanks B! Have a great holiday and good luck with that Ice Water thing, lol.


p.s. Congrats to you and Jay for basically....basically being filthy rich.