Wednesday, July 30, 2008

If you Like the Givenchy Booties but don't like the Price...

The real deal ^^^^^^ can get them for about $800 cheaper than the real ones! STEVE MADDEN just released a shoe that is definitely a copy of the original and retail for $199. The name for them is the "GINN". The Madden versions don't even compare to the real thing, but if you have to have them and can;'t afford them, here's an alternative.

Double Takes: Solange's Checkered Pumps

The rising star wore a pair of pumps recently for a performance that were similar to a pair she wore back in December. The black and white checkered pumps appear to be different as far as height of the heel, but the overall concept is the same.

I love the way she wore them the second time around but I'm sure that has to do with the amazing dress she's wearing with it. Chick definitely knows how to pull that 'different' card and keep it waaayyy classy and cute. Me likey!

This N' That: Chillin' Out & About

HALLE'S Political Statement.

KELIS' laid back look....those pants are HOT!

TRACEE ELLIS ROSS' dress & boots!

BRANDY'S summer perfect sundress. *can't wait 4 her new music*


Wow, let me just say that I did not like that jolt we felt yesterday morning! It was scary as hell! The craziest part about it was that I was watching Oceans 13, and if any of you have seen that you know about the Earthquake scene....yes that exact scene was on when the quake began! I was thinking that I was losing my mind, and that the movie was in 3D! In my area it was more of a wavy feeing, as we were not the center o it, but still just as scary. We had a few pictures fall and shatter and the pool was looking like the beach waves for a minute but everything else and thankfully everyone was fine. The craziest thing about it is that many people have not experienced this before and literally do not know what to do. Here are some friendly tips on what to do when an Earthquake occurs:


* Inside, stand in doorway, or crouch under a desk or table, well away from windows or glass dividers.
* Outside, stand away from buildings, trees, telephones and electrical lines.
* On the road, drive away from underpasses and overpasses; stop in safe area; stay in vehicle.

Be safe out there everyone!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Make-Up Regimen!

I am a make-up addict and I know this. That is the first step right? Acknowledging the problem, lol. I get tons of compliments on my skin, people either love my complexion or my actual skin. I'm not saying this to pat myself on the back or anything, but it's true. I honestly don't know what the bug fuss is, but nevertheless people constantly tell me I have beautiful skin, which I appreciate. However I do have to say that I do owe much of what people see to MAC. MAC, short for Make-Up Art Cosmetics is amazing! If you know make-up, you know MAC. There are the MAC haters out there, but who cares? You know they are the hottest when it comes to make-up. I've put together a list of the products I use, as far as cosmetics go, on an everyday basis (and what I think is a bog part of the reason I get the skin compliments so much). I also do make-up here and there, so I must tell you that application is a big part of it. If you have the best make-up in the world with no idea how to apply it, it's useless. Remember, it's all in the brush! Make sure you have good brushes for application. I've been through maaanny of them; all forms of hair and I've invested in a CHANEL brush set. It was not cheap, but it has lasted me a very long time, and after every wash, they come out looking brand new. OH YEAH! Make sure you clean your brushes often. Bacteria can build up and when you start to get bumps, this could be why! I use the brush cleaner from MAC. Works very well, and if you don't use that please believe regular soap works just as well!

Here's a list of the items I use on a daily basis:
MAC NW45 Liquid Select SPF 15
MAC NW45 Studio Fix (powder)
MAC Select Moisture cover Concealer NW40
MAC Browset
MAC Plush Lash Mascara
MAC Ebony Eye Pencil
MAC Heatherette Collection Lip Glass in "Bonus Beat"

So as you can see a hefty part of my makeup collection comes from MAC but here are a few things I use that aren't from the line.

I am in love with the award winning lip gloss from CARGO in "Waikiki." It goes on smooth and stays on for a while, minus the nasty ring of residue that MAC lip glass does.

I also smooth out any application of foundation with this handy makeup tool called the "Pink Egg," make-up sponge by Beauty Blender. It is contoured and made to use specifically for an even finish, and it deals with the blending problem I know a lot of us have.

And as far as other forms of skin's really very simple: Oil of Olay Daily Facials and Ponds Dry Skin cream after as a moisturizer.

So there it is! My little secret! But, sssshhh! Don't tell anyone!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I Like Her HAIR!!

Healthy hair is something that I think looks better than any weave. Now I'm not saying that none of the ladies in this post aren't wearing weaves, in fact I know for sure that not all of them are not rocking their own tresses, however their hair looks amazing! The shine, the body, the style and the bounce all contribute to the gorgeous looks these ladies have achieved. I just wanted to take a minute to point out women who pretty much always have their hair on point....minus the lace fronts and obviously fake hair.

JADA PINKETT-SMITH who is a spokeswoman for Carol's Daughter, which carries amazing products by the way! A line that uses natural oils and nutrients, it's sure to impress your tresses! Jada's hair grew extremely long, and healthy very quickly with the help of 2 of her fav products from the line:

Lisa's Hair Elixir

Hair Balm

never disappoints when it comes to beautiful hair. Her locks flow long, and look naturally healthy.

Loving MEAGAN GOOD'S hair right here. I am all for a long full bang, and with the hair this color, I think it makes for an even shinier, and healthier look. She stays with the long hair, but who can blame her? She looks great with this length.

CASSIE pretty much always has her hair straightened, and it always looks amazing. The length is hot and the bone straight or curly styles work for her. I have recently taken a liking to this chick, and her style is amazing!

Waiting to Exhale....

I know I'm not the only one waiting to exhale....but movies like this will have to do in the meantime. I would love to see a Waiting to Exhale sequel! This movie is timeless, and even watching it just a few weeks ago really made laugh. SO much more of the movie was relatable since I've grown up and can understand more of it. There has been talk of the four best friends picking up 15 years later for a part 2 of the classic, and what some would say " the black Sex & the City."

Above is my favorite scene from the movie when Bernadette burns up all of her husbands things in the BMW. The way she throws that hand up classic!

All of the ladies still look amazing, and I think this could be one of the things to put WHITNEY back on. She, ANGELA, LELA, & LORETTA have amazing on screen chemistry! Let's cross our fingers for Waiting to Exhale 2!!

Friday, July 18, 2008


MARY KATE & ASHLEY OLSEN have come a long way from those days of playing little Michelle. The fashion icons have a line called ELIZABETH & JAMES....a far cry from the teeny bopper line that retails in Wal Mart. The sophisticated, high fashion and very impressive line features pieces that you would definitely see the twins in. I like when people produce lines of clothing that they would actually wear themselves. I can't stand it when someone puts out a line that is totally unrepresentative of what we see them in all the time....I'm not saying any names *starts with a K and ends with a Mora*. Anyhow, the line truly makes me want to place an order and start an "Elizabeth & James" section in my closet. As stated on the official site:
"Elizabeth and James brings a couture sensibility to the contemporary customer. Seeking to narrow the gap between designer and contemporary clothing, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen act as muses and co-designers on this new fashion label. Inspired by the mix of uptown and downtown, masculine and feminine, and casual and dressy, the Elizabeth and James collection is unique in the mixture of androgynous menswear inspired blazers and shirts with delicate mini-dresses, feminine detailing, sequins and unusual fabrics. Look to Elizabeth and James for fashion forward styles made effortless."

Below are some of my fav things from the line this and last season.

Charmeuse Sack Mini Dress Was $350.00 Now $209.00

Summer Twill Romper $350.00

Batwing-Sleeve Blouse $245.00

Sequin Net Dress Was $495.00 Now $319.00

James Feather Fringe Long Jacket $765.00
This particular piece has been spotted on budding fashion icon RIHANNA and just last night at the ESPY awards on fiance of CARMELO ANTHONY, LALA.

Also, staying with the feather theme, the Plume Feather Vest $595.00

I Love it!

This is a set that "NATASHA11" put together and I absolutely love it! Everything from the jewelry to the shoes are amazing! There is so much to choose from on this site, I always applaud someone who can do something as amazing as this! I want just about everything in this set. Some of the designs include but aren't limited to CHANEL, HERMES, ASOS, and ABERCROMBIE & FITCH.

Look of the Week: Alicia Keys

Bravo ALICIA!! I think this black dress is very sexy. I love how it shows off just enough and the jeweled detail is very classy, not overdone. The train is the perfect length and her hair is in the right style. Anything else would get in the way of the beautiful detail of the dress. She wore this amazing gown to a "Keep a Child Alive" event, a campaign she is proudly apart of, dedicated to raising funds to benefit children with HIV and AIDS.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Love a Man in a Suit!!

The so fresh and amazingly debonair JAY Z wears this gray suit so well. Tailored for sure, the perfect fit distracts from the plaid shirt he has on under....not so much a fan of that, but it still looks good.

A tieless NELLY & MAXWELL keep it sexy and casual in their black suits; NELLY going with the pin-stripe button up, while MAXWELL keeps it classic with the basic white dress shirt.

Three of what are arguably the best actors of our time all attended NELSON MANDELA'S 90th birthday party in style. They all look amazing, and although this is just a shot of the upper bodies of FOREST WHITAKER, WILL SMITH, AND DENZEL WASHINGTON, it is clear that their suits are not too shabby. In fact, they are amazing. My fav here is DENZEL'S. I am definitely a fan of black on black suits and he does it justice here.

SHAWN MERRIMAN & MARCUS ALLEN looked amazing at the ESPY'S. I am really loving the purple tie that MERRIMAN has on, it gives the suit more character. A big contrast to ALLEN's which pretty much fades into the shirt.

Alright, now this is my kind of party, lol. TYRESE, DERRICK FISHER, AND TERRELL OWENS all came straight off of the pages of GQ at this ESPY event. None of whom I think are particularly drop dead gorgeous (except Tyrese) all make me look just a little bit longer than I would usually. That suit really pumps up their sexy factor! T.O. goes black and white and definitely does it right. I love the jacket, the black trim really gives it a classy look. FISHER looks more like a news reporter with that tie, but still very nice. And He's pretty much my fav complexion. I know that sounds weird but his skin is so beautiful, and when he smiles, those beautiful white teeth contrast with that skin...ok let me stop! He went for the sexier look opening up the shirt to expose that chest, and of course I have no problem with that, lol.

Last but not least is soccer American soccer phenom FREDDY ADU. If you don't know who he is, you truly need to ask somebody! He is pictured at the ESPY Awards (which was amazing by the way). He also went tieless and the suit is obviously tailored, being that it fits so well. I said it once and I'll say it again......I LOVE a man in a suit!

The Hotness: My Picks of the Week

I was actually digging both of the outfits the sisters of NINA SKY had on, but I particularly like the ensemble the sister to the left has on. The elastic stretch snake belt would not be one to strike me as one I'd like, but it looks very cute with this American Apparel Tank that EVA also wore a while back, and the black skirt is cute too!

looked adorable at the party celebrating KIMORA'S "Fabuloisty" line for Juniors that will e sold exclusively at JC Penny's....I know, but hey, money is money right? I love the length on this dress and the the shoes are also hot! They are YSL satin Tribute Sandals, and they retail for $775.00. Cutsie!

CASSIE is absolutely gorgeous and I have recently come to the conclusion that I dig her style. It took me a while because I had to get enough glimpses of different outfits on different occasion likey. She wears the limited edition "I Love New York" GUCCI Boston bag, a pair of jeans, weaved leather belt, hi-top dunks, jeans and my fav part of the outfit by far: her Kate Moss shirt by Hellz-Bellz.

KERI HILSON looked super cute when she visited TRL this week. I love the pink satin shorts with that belt. She is wearing a pair of YSL Tribute pumps, which look amazing with the cute sumer look. Definitely one of my fav looks for her by far.

Here are some looks I thought were pretty cute that I came across in the past week.

It's Coming: IKAT Print

The IKAT print is classic, and will pretty much always be around in fashion and is slowly but surely pushing it's way to the front of the scene once again. JASLENE, one of the America's Next Top Model champions wore this Ikat dress to an MLB party. I love the print, especially for summer and I am definitely loving the dress that JASLENE has on in particular. Ikat is defined as "a style of weaving that uses a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye on either the warp or weft before the threads are woven to create a pattern or design." Pretty creative right? Anyway, it makes for an amazing result as you can see. Here are a few more pieces featuring the design. ps. I got a peek at the Lauren Conrad collection while I was interning and I'm pretty sure this is something we can expect from her this Holiday Season. ;)

Boob Tube: "How You Doooiiin?!?!"

OK, so I've already made it clear that for some strange reason I love this woman. LIke WENDY always says, she's a "friend in my head." I love how she is completely real and honest on her show and she brought that hilarious, in your face attitude to the tv screen this week with the 6-week sneak peek of her new daily television series. I have watched every show so far and I love it. The funny ad libs and comments she makes keep me laughing. I was particularly touched today when I saw her break down when an audience member spoke candidly about her 5 miscarriages, something she and WILLIAMS have in common. This was a very touchy subject and a commercial break was taken to help get back on track. As funny and sarcastic as she is, it was good to see a more vulnerable, soft side of WENDY. I am definitely a fan, and the TiVo is currently on Season Record. It airs at 1pm West Coast time (so do the math to figure out when you can catch it) on Fox 11. Hope you like it, I sure do!

VENUS & SERENA Look Amazing!!!

Tennis greats VENUS & SERENA WILLIAMS looked amazing in these shots for Glamour magazine's "Greatest Bodies on Earth." I can't even begin to argue with them there! Serena is tied if not trotting closely in front of her for that title in my opinion. I love the action shots and the gowns are amazing against their skin too (especially that yellow on VENUS). Loves it!