Thursday, June 25, 2009


RIP to the KING OF POP, ICON, FASHION ICON, MENTOR and so much more.....

You will truly be missed but your legacy lives on through your many accomplishments....we love you!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fab Feet: Get those toes ready for Summer!

While Summer is vastly approaching, your wardrobe, bodies and minds may be ready for it, but are your feet?

In the Winter many of us neglect our feet, not getting pedicures as often and sometimes not even throwing any polish on them due to that fact that they're covered up the majority of the time. And men: even you should be caring for those feet! Pedicures are your friend!

I know that the recession has taken a toll on many of the luxuries some of us were used to but I bet you can do an at home pedicure better than your local nail shop. Besides YOU know what YOU like best, right?

Sally Hansen has some amazing, bright, eye-catching colors for summer and best of all, they are a part of the Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color. This means you'll only have to apply one coat! When I first opened the bottle, I was shocked at the shape of the brush and it took some getting used to but by the time I was on the third toe, I mastered it. The color spreads on thick, so you dont have to continue applying and it's just a s bright as 2 or 3 coats! And even better it dries in 60 seconds! It's available in 24 shades and my fave are Blue Streak, Sonic Bloom and Lightening Creme.

A tip when using these bold colors: USE A BASE COAT....otherwise your nails may get stained, and who wants that?

While these colors are great, they won't look their best if you don't apply them to well manicured, moisturized feet. The scrubs, in any flavor from Bath & Body Works, Carol's Daughter and Sally Hansen work wonders for removing dead skin! I don't know about you but I love when my feet are soft and this is the best method to get them that way. The pumice stones scratch feet and damage skin, so a new thicker callous comes back to protect the feet. The scrubs are more gentle and aren't so harsh on them.
Carol's Daughter Lemon Ginger Mint Manicure in a Jar smells great and moisturizes like no other! Highly recommended!
The Footloose & Fancy Fizz Bubbly Foot Bath is amazing, as it soothes your tired feet and smells amazing!

And one of my favorite sets is the Salon Pedicure collection from Sally Hansen. Like I said, we probably all can't afford to go to the nail shop or the spa every week, so this will work wonders for your feet during those "in-between times."

The Mineral Foot Soak gets your feet ready for the Ultra Smoothing Foot Scrub which both moisturizes and removes dead skin leaving feet extremely soft. Finish it off with the hydrating Foot Creme, not too thick but enough to moisturize and leave feet felling baby smooth!

You Asked: Rihanna's Leggings

YOU ASKED: "Can you tell me more about those leggings that Rihanna has on in your Look of the Moment section?" The silver ones....she's so high-maintenance I'm sure I can't afford them! But I'd like to know anyway...thanks! - Kammie, Atl.

Kammie, I also like this whole look, but I'm especially loving the leggings like you. You're wrong about one thing though: they are not going to cost you an arm and a leg. You can sooo grab this look for youself. Check it out:

Hers are by LnA and go for $78.00 but I've got my eye on the ones from American Apparel. They're a little different because they are ribbed, but I like them just the same and they're about half the price at $36.00. I hope I helped!

As always, if you have any questions, send them to me and I'll do my best to answer them and find out any info I can! :)

I need a blazer.....

I have been on the hunt for the perfect blazer for a while now and I have not had any luck. I think I'm going to end up just having to get one and have it tailored. I want it fitted and I want the sleeves to be a little too short...but in a cute way, lol. Here are some of the most recent blazers I've seen and I'm loving, I like HALLE'S the best. Her leather pants are to die for and I need those pumps in my life!

RIHANNA wore a white blazer which I thought was pretty hot, dressed down with the heather gray shirt and JBrand tie dye jeans (are these making a comeback?).

She also rocked a very cute black one over her dress during a recent visit to Carol's Daughter Foot Spa.

I'm really digging this blazer from Preen Hawk wool blazer but I'm not shelling out close to one thousand dollars for it....instead I think I'll hit up some of the local flea markets, vintage shops and discount stores, then head over to get it tailored.

I think this is a key piece in any woman's wardrobe as it is truly versatile and can be worn a myriad of ways. Pair it with jeans and heels and you're still fabulously stylish, even a denim skit will make the look work. Wear it to work with slacks or a pencil skirt; wear it on top of a bright dress for a night out on the town....there are so many looks you can accomplish with this one piece.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Me likey A LOT!

I love MARY'S entire look here. But you know my fav part is the Gucci she finished the look off with. The Iman is arguably my fav shoe from the line this season with the Lucy coming in a close second. The leather vest and chains are very very dope....she's got it! Oh yeah and I've been wanting those Chanel sunglasses for the longest! KIM KARDASHIAN and RIHANNA wore them a while back and I've been lusting after them ever since!

Friday, June 5, 2009


To my readers:

Please forgive me for not posting in over a week (or more).....I have absolutely not found the time to do so but I promise I'll get back into the swing of things! I know when you come here you want to see updates and I'd me mad @ me too. I've gotten some mail...none bad, but with the gist of "where are you," "post something," lol. I will try very hard to keep it current.

Love you all!

Love Jess