Friday, December 28, 2007

Double Takes: LiLo's American Apparel Tights!

These hot leggings have a little twist to them in comparison to your typical legging. The trend caught on quickly and has not yet died down. I personally love it, but it's about time that it's changed up a little. American Apparel is the company behind the beautiful colors that have taken us by storm in the past few months. I love the variety of colors available and the different materials too.

LiLo, as I affectionately refer to her as, embraced the newer design from American Apparel, however she is sticking with her uniformed black choice. I personally would love it if she'd add some color to her wardrobe, but I do have to admit, she looks amazing either way. LOHAN was spotted out and about numerous times, once picking up more items from American Apparel, wearing the "Shiny Nylon Tricot Legging." I am going to purchase a few myself, and I will probably add some color unlike LiLo, but of course nothing too bright. She pairs the leggings with ankle boots, knee high heeled boots, fur coats and hoodies. I love the different looks and she even got little sister ALIANA better known as ALI, in on the trend. They both look cute here, and ALI has obviously been taking notes from her big sis.

You can mosie on over to your nearest American Apparel, or you can visit the site and have them sent to your front door: The stylish tights will run you $34.00 before shipping. Be careful, you may get carried away, they carry some of the best basics for your wardrobe! Happy shopping! xoxo

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hair "Hotness"

I was just browsing around, as I usually do and I cam across a pic of Ms. ALICIA KEYS in a photo shoot of the hairstyle she rocked in her "NO ONE" video. I love it, it's so fresh and something we haven't really seen before. I truly think I am going to have to try it. I already did, once I saw the video, with the help of my best friend Kedra, but I'm going to have to let my beautician get her hands in it to really get the effect I'm looking for. The style features a French braid that begins at the front of the forehead and remains on the hairline all the way around to the back, eventually turning into a regular hanging braid, lose curly hair, or whatever you wish to do with the ends. That's my attempt at explaining it, lol. Refer to the photos to see it manifest. This woman is known for starting a hair trends, because I know you all remember the braids with that one single braid coming in front of the ear?! Yeah... I thought so, lol. Anyways, after looking for a pic of that style, I came across numerous photos of her with all these different styles and she is a woman that can truly wear just about any style! She looks terrific in every shot, with a completely different "do!" Kudos to Ms. KEYS for taking chances and even more to her hair stylist, becuase rarely do the people behind the "magic" receive the credit they deserve. *You can click on any of the pics to view them full size*

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I Want That: Christina Milian's PINK Sweater Jacket

This jacket is soo cute! CHRISTINA MILIAN was spotted out and about in LA's Barney's doing some last minute Christmas shopping with her mommy. She was wearing a sweater that I thought was very cute and after some quick research, I found out that the jacket comes from Victoria's Secret's PINK collection. It looks warm anded jacket is lined in fur along the collar. Very hot! Loves it!

Merry Christmas!!!!

I have not been posting lately, sorry to any of the readers of GENUINE IMITATION but the holidays have me so busy I barely get a chance to check my emails, let alone post. However, I did want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope everyone stays safe and around those who love them. This holiday, no matter what your denomination, is about friends and family, and you should definitely realize that. This Christmas was so different for me because it was not about "things." I was not at all worried about what I got, what anyone else got or how much money was spent. I am so proud of me, because I feel like I have grown so much in the past year. It has taken me through some things I did not want to have to experience, but those types of things are inevitable. I love me and I love those around me, and I feel truly blessed to be able to call those people my friends and family. I love you, and I hope you enjoy this holiday season! :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bag Lady: New GUCCI Boston Bag

This is among my favorite style of bag of all time. The GUCCI Boston bag is timeless, and I truly love pretty much every style, pattern and color it comes in. The new design is by far my fav. Last year's was great too, and it was also my mom's Christmas gift, but I think this year I may just have to get one for myself! The bag pictured is the solid leather 'aviatrix' large Boston bag with double handles. Me Likey!!! I also have my eye on the Rosewood brown one too! The black one goes for $2390.00, and the Rosewood is $1790.00. Tis the season....any takers? :)


So I am at a loss for words! I am officially done with my first semester of senior year! Wooohooo! I cannot even explain to you in words how happy I am. School is fun and all, but the feeling of taking your last final of a semester is ineffable! I literally scream and shout whenever I am done with a semester, and complete finals. Accomplishment is a feeling that you can only understand through experience. It feels goooooddd!! I don't have to tell you what I will be doing this weekend! :) Paaarrty! I'm proud of ME!

Look Of The Week: Jurnee Smolett

This young woman grew up before our eyes. Her most memorable role as a child was alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Meagan Good in my best friends fav movie of all time: Eve's Bayou. JURNEE SMOLETT is absolutely beautiful and she is proving to us, more and more everyday that she is our next big actress. She will appear alongside DENZEL WASHINGTON in The Great Debaters, in theaters this month. SMOLETT is pictured at the Premiere in a beautiful white and gold Grecian inspired dress. I love the way it falls, and I really love the top half of the dress. The gold embellishment and the way the straps criss-cross create a very sexy neckline. This dress is HOT! Yaayy JURNEE!

The Hotness: Banging Belts!

More FENDI! KIM KARDASHIAN was out and about wearing a very cute black long sleeved wrap dress. I love the dress, it is soooo cute and she looks amazing. The belt is what makes this outfit. It is a FENDI gemstone belt that is reminiscent of the new angle MARC JACOBS is taking with his new season. I love the oversize gemstones splashed across the covers of every fashion magazine! I just bought a very cute MJ Ring that is HUGE, and I am loving it! The belt is sold for $665.00, and available at Bergdorf's of course.

Next is one of my favorite fashionista's LINDSAY LOHAN, wearing a HERMES belt. I love this belt, and if my waistline were a bit smaller, I'd have one in every color! lol I don't wear belts, but if I did, this would definitely be my #1 pick. It's classic, and won't go out of style! The belt features the signature "H" at the front, and goes for $480.00. The most popular colors are black and blue, but I prefer blue. You can purchase multiple belts, and one "H" buckle, transferring it to whichever color you prefer to wear that day. The buckle is $165.00 and the belt is $315.00, bringing the total to $480.00. The buckle is also available in gold.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fashionable Duos: Red Carpet Class

I was so amazed at how wonderful everyone looked on the Red Carpets for the past few days. First of all, a couple that I believe is one of the most attractive couples in Hollywood WILL & JADA PINKETT SMITH. They attended the screening for his new release "I Am Legend." Jada dons a very cute emerald green sequined dress, with frayed mesh at the bust, that fit her little petit figure so well. WILL wore a velvet pinstripe blazer, and I think what did it for me was the scarf. He looks amazing, and I think it is an Alexander McQueen scarf, but I'm not 100%. It fits him very well, as I am sure it is tailored.

are also an amazing looking couple, and they wore the clothes to compliment their appeal, also to the same premiere as the Smith's. The champagne dress with the weaved detail at the stomach is absolutely amazing, and makes for beautiful piece. WHITFIELD looks stunning in his tux, and they both look fantastic together.

The Hotness: Beyonce's FENDI Bag & Belt!

SO I posted BEYONCE in Paris last week wearing a very adorable outfit, along with a very hot bag. If you know me, you know I'm a bag fanatic, and I had to figure out the details about this bag. I knew it was from FENDI, but I wanted specifics! Turns out the bag is called the "Convertible Bag" and it goes for $1595.00 and up (all the wasy to over $5,000!). Of course, you can snag one from Bergdorf's, which Beyonce apparently "Burns Down" according to her hubby.

And her belt that I also had my eye on is also available at B.G. for $435.00, and is called the "Logo Belt." The one pictured is a caper green suede version with the metal (bronze) logo.

The other bag that she had on a few days prior to that shot, was also a FENDI bag, called the "Baulotto Grande Bag" and features a metallic Zucca print. It starts at $1450.00 and is one of the most unique bags they've produced to date. Looks like someone has taken a liking to FENDI's new season, and she's not the only one.

Style Showdown: Rihanna & Kelly Rowland

Here is another edition of "Style Showdown" featuring KELLY ROWLAND and RIHANNA in a Simon & Bide dress. This is a different design, and I like it. Rihanna wore it to a Bone Marrow Benefit, and Kelly Rowland wore it in a photo shoot. They both look fierce, but what do you think. I personally like it on Kels.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Style Spotlight: BEYONCE KNOWLES

So when PEOPLE magazine named this woman among their list of top best dressed stars, I was a bit skeptical. I was thinking of BEYONCE'S long flowing gowns, and Barbie look, and nothing that was so stylish it particularly stood out. But in the past few weeks, I have been able to see why she got that spot on the list. Here are few pics of the outfits she has been spotted out and about in lately.

First she took a chance with this emerald green patent trench coat, which she wore as a dress/top, and a pair of cigarette jeans with very cute ruby red round to heels. She carried a very different FENDI bag, that featured the signature Zucca print, along with brown, black and green designs. It is a very big bag, and takes some getting used to, but it grew on me. She looks amazing!

The fashionista was then spotted out and about in a gorgeous fur trimmed sweater jacket. She has on a very cute pair of round toe snake skin pair of pumps, and she achieves definition with a very thick brown belt. I am loving the entire look. The colors go extremely well, and I would definitely wear this outfit. PETA would definitely be after her on this particular day.

She was also cruising the wonderful fashion capitol of the world Paris, when she went on a shopping spree at CHANEL with her hubby JAY Z. She wore a long-sleeve purple knee length dress with a turtle neck/bow collar. There is a built in white and red belt, and she picked up on that red color pairing it up with a pair of red and pink suede shoes. I lie the shoes! They remind me of a pair I once saw at Urban Outfitters. She also brought along with her a white trench to shield her from the cold, along with a pair of purple gloves. Haute!

Toning it down a bit, BEYONCE was in the LAX airport looking very fab! She wore a pair of Ash color cigarette jeans, a tan top, burgundy pointed toe pumps, and a brown and tan snake skin jacket. She is carrying a very large brown leather bag, which is doubling as a computer case. She looks so beautiful and I am totally loving the outfit.

One of my favorite outfits is this one in particular. It's so different and unexpected of BEYONCE, in my opinion. I love the brownish-green fur she's wearing, the way the neckline falls is very attractive and she gives her body definition once again by adding a belt to the mix. The belt is fresh from FENDI's upcoming collection and she is also carrying a bag from the same line. The bag is huge, colorful, and very different. I also love her satin peep toe platform pumps. The auburn, rust, pink and peach colors set the outfit off. The whole look is amazing, I love it!

Who Wore What: Red Carpet

B's little sister SOLANGE KNOWLES is a very different dresser than her older sis. She takes chances, and this outfit is a perfect example. I am loving the blue tights, especially because I have been feeling the colored tights lately. Urban Outfitters carries them in various colors for a pretty reasonable price (2 for $20 or $12.00/pair). She is definitely exercising some high fashion and stepping her game up. :)

JENNIFER HUDSON, affectionately known as JHUD is looking more amazing everyday. She wore an all black one piece strapless pantsuit, paired with a black patent belt, and a pair of peep toe shoes. She chose pearls as her choice of accessory, and a black clutch. I love this look for her!!

Supermodel turned mega mogul TYRA BANKS, wore an amazing gown to a recent awards show. The glamorous gown featured a huge bow at the bust, and a long flowing train, blocking any possibility of seeing the shoes she chose for the night. She looks absolutely stunning, and everything from make-up to hair to jewelry is a hit!

Someone who is known for taking chances and starting trends is RIHANNA. Whether it is with her hair, clothes, or overall style, did exactly that with this bubble coat she wore at a recent performance. The jacket doubles as a dress, and is something I've never seen before, but I actually kind of like it.

Last but not least is a woman who does not look at all like she gave birth to twins less than two months ago: GARCELLE BEAUVAIS-NILON. She slipped on a shirt, long-sleeved sequined dress with silver peep-toe slingback shoes. I like the look, and she looks amazing!

Style Showdown: Christina Applegate vs. Rosario Dawson

These ladies both fancied Donna Karan's very cute asymmetrically cut satin dress for recent events. CHRISTINA APPLEGATE wore the dress in royal blue pairing it with black pumps and clutch. ROSARIO DAWSON wore the dress in a beautiful emerald green color also choosing black round-toe pumps. The both look gorgeous, and the dress is too cute!

Me No Likey: Shinig a Little Too Much.....

I saw some very very cute looks these past few weeks, but I have unfortunately also seen some not so nice looks too.

SHAR JACKSON was a little too shiny when she stepped out this particular night. I don't know if it is the photography, and the dress looks better in person, but it does not look good on camera. She over-did it with the matching stockings and the booties are not a very good selection for the outfit. Me nooo likey!

Owner of the popular blog site "," ANGEL showed us who was behind the keyboard at a Radar Magazine party, but unfortunately I am not feeling the dress she chose. It is too shiny, and takes away from the design of the dress. I am also not a fan of these types of dresses, with arm shawls, wraps, etc. It also looks a bit too tight, but it's only my opinion.

Next is KATE HUDSON who also took the shiny look to another level. I don't like this particular dress, it looks like two dresses sewn together. I don't like the boots with it, and the fact that it's silver from head to toe doesn't help.

JASMINE GUY wore a piece in which I believe to be a part of Kimora's KLS collection, that is also a little too shiny in my opinion. It looks like it is not a finished piece, and the black on black tights and shoes do not work here.

Last is ELISE NEAL, who over-did it with the gold color at a recent ED HARDY event. The whole outfit looks cheap, and I do not think the hoodie and the gold knee-high boots should be worn at the same time. It's too much.

I Just Thought This Was Cute.....

DIANA ROSS in this adorable trench coat. She looks amazing, and so stylish! The belt is very thick and looks like a bow in front, which really adds to the look. I love the boots too!