Thursday, November 29, 2007

In My Mind: Precious Moments.....

As many of you are aware, the Holiday is here and it is the season of giving. I am fine with the wonderful holiday we all know as Christmas, but I want everyone to take some time out to truly think about how lucky you are to be here to experience it. This comes at a very sad time, as someone very near and dear to me has passed, and although I knew it before, I find it necessary to reiterate that: LIFE IS NOT GUARANTEED! I am aware that we all know this but I feel like many of us take life for granted and maybe we don't say "I love you" enough or maybe we don't tell those around us how we truly feel. I think that this has been one of the most difficult years for me, however it is one of the most valuable ones too. I have learned so much, more than I could have ever imagined, and I have come to a place where I feel like I absolutely know myself. I know who I am, and I know what I want to become and I feel that in my 21st year of life, I have made the most progress towards that person I wish to become. I do not want to be a downer, but please do not take life for granted, hold grudges, or fight over silly thing that do not matter. I am making it a point to do my best to resolve all issues I have and maybe you should do the same. I am in love with myself and I love myself, and that is what makes it possible for me to love others and allow others to love me back. Here are a few quotes that spoke to me and influenced me to change my ways and who I am and who I want to be:

"The best way to predict your future s to create it" -Unknown

"When seeking revenge, dig two graves - one for your self"

"What you ARE is what you have BEEN and what you WILL be is what you do NOW"-Anonymous

I Love My.....


This is a trend that took a while to catch on. I remember NIA LONG rocking the look at the top of the year, and it was definitely something that caught my eye. I was not sure if it was something I liked, or disliked. She threw on a pair of suede peep toe wedges, with a spaghetti strapped short satin dress. Eventually I came around, and rocked the look to a friends birthday party in May, and it went over well. Ever since then, I have been a fan of the look, and it looks like Hollywood's stylists have become fans also.

Fashionista ZOE KRAVITZ wore a satin green sleeveless dress with the fashion trend and pulled it off fairly well. It looked a bit dull, but she takes a very minimalistic to her style, so this seems appropriate.

Actress THANDIE NEWTON also decided to jump on the hot look of the Fall by matching it up with a very light sheer white blouse, with a keyhole opening in the front. The dress also features a black cinched waist, which went well with the tights and shoes.

BRANDY attended Mercedes Benz fashion week in a very cute outfit. She wore a mustard colored jersey dress, with a black vest-like dress over it, along with the features trend here: black tights and pumps. She definitely got it right, and whoever she hired as her stylist has been keeping me on my toes, because she has been looking stunning lately!

Everyone's favorite "Girlfriend" GOLDEN BROOKS looked amazing in her black and white ruffled dress! I love this little dress, it is very 'girly' and she has the perfect figure for it. And of course she gets all the points in the world with me because she wore the YSL Tribute pump as her choice of black shoe. Loving everything about it! And she definitely did the trend justice!

I Want That: Hot Boot

This ankle boot is so very cute! I want it, and I think I'm going to do whatever I can to get them! lol The boots come from very popular LA hot spot DOLCE VITA and exemplify everything I love in a boot! I love ankle boots, simply becuase my leg is not the smallest thing in the world, and zipping a boot all the way up my calf can get a bit tricky if you know what I mean. :) Anyways, the shoe is does it for me, not only because it is produced in all the right colors, (which include, gray, black and brown) but it features a 4" shaft height and heel. It has a pleated front shaft and is made of leather. I am loving it! :)

Double Takes: Rihanna

RIHANNA has taken a liking to her new pair of YVES SAINT LAURENT "Charlotte" wooden heel pumps! I said it at the end of summer that the Wooden heel was coming, and it looks like my prediction was accurate. I am loving the shoes that feature this style of heel, it spices what would otherwise be a very boring shoe, up a little. RIHANNA was spotted out and about this week in Los Angeles and Berlin, rocking the same pumps very differently.

The first time she wore the shoes she made the look a bit more funky than I would have imagined the shoes, but it works. She wore a pair of cut off denim shorts, a white graphic tee, black vest and black and white triangular scarf. Very cute!

The next time the songstress bundled up while in Berlin, rocking a pair of black knit tights with the heel built in and a white chunky turtleneck. She kept warm with in an olive green coat, lined with wool and a pair of leather gloves. P.S. her LOUIS VUITTON bag is cute!

The shoes go for $495.00, and if you are not trying to shell out that much you can try the alternative. I have a pair that are similar, and very cute and comfy! The shoe is from a catalog company called ALLOY, and you can either do a paper order or visit and click your way to satisfaction. They are much more attainable at only $34.50, much closer to my budget :) The are a bit shinier and feature a peep-toe, unlike the YSL version, however, I personally prefer the peep toe as far as style goes. It is called the Candy Apple Heel, as it is also available in Candy Apple red, and is designed by CHARLES ALBERT.

Style Showdown: Kerry vs. Solange

Both of these ladies rocked the same pair of hot pink STELLA MCCARTNEY pumps. I love them becuase they are asymmetrical at the toe and they create a very different look. Both ladies look stunning, and decided to use the "Mildred Pump" to make their dresses pop, as they so not match the dresses in color at all.

KERRY WASHINGTON wore the shoes to an awards ceremony with a gorgeous electric blue cap sleeve dress. I love that this dress has pockets, she looks amazing.

SOLANGE KNOWLES wore the shoes to the American Music Awards, which I previously posted in the "Who Wore What" section. She paired the satin shoes with a very age appropriate, layered party dress.

Personally I think both of the ladies look amazing, and they wore them very cute. I love the fact that they decided to throw this bright shoe in the mix, and spiced it up, rather than choosing a safe black heel. The shoes go for $595.00 and are so far available in red and black leather and of course the color the ladies are rocking. If you really want to catch a deal, visit where you can grab them on sale for $383.00!

Me No Likey: A little too much

These ladies disappointed me this week, by all over-doing it. Either they had on too many clothes, or what they had on was doing too much and was a little gaudy.

First is KEYSHIA COLE, who apparently fired her stylist. She was doing so well, but it seems her appearances on both TRL and 106 & Park knocked her off. First, she visited MTV studios wearing a beige and cream get-up that I am not particularly fond of. As I previously stated, I do not know why she insists on wearing undergarments as clothes, and this white lace bra is not attractive. The hat looks silly and I can't tell if it is a dress or if she layered all of these pieces. Me No Likey!

Next COLE visited BET looking a bit more furry. She decided to rock a tan and brown sleeveless fur coat, along with a black belt, tights and black patent leather knee high boots. The boots are different, they have an inward wooden heel, and I would not say that they are ugly, it is just that they were paired with this jacket. Try again Keysh!

Last is one of my fav people in Hollywood, well not really Hollywood, but she's one of my fav celebs. Model/Stylist MISA HYLTON-BRIM attended a hair show given by DJ Angie Martinez earlier in the week. I do not like what she has on at all. I am aware that New York is a very cold place around this time, but come on. The shape of all of the pieces makes her look larger than she is, and they just do not compliment each other. The dress may be cute on it's own, but along with the cropped fur coat, it does not work. The thigh-high suede boot hides the definition of her leg, making it look very large, especially becuase of the black stocking she wore. There is simply too much going on here. Me no likey, Misa!

As I said, I know it is cold in NYC, but layering needs to be done a particular way, and this is not it. TEYANA TAYLOR, whose claim to fame is Sweet 16, and is also the newest signed artist to the Star Track label. She has on too many clothes, and I know she has her own style, and it is semi-masculine, however I do not even think I would like the look on a man. It's toooo much!

Last is PEPA, of the rap duo "Salt & Pepa" pictured with Missy Elliot. The only thing I don't like about this outfit is that it is a signature FENDI jacket. It does not look nice, even though, it is black on black, which usually gives the signature print on clothes a pass (see Kanye West in black on black GUCCI jacket). But this time it just doesn't work. Me no likey.

For My Fellas: I scream, You scream, We all scream for ICE CREAM!!!

So I have officially decided that I like this line. I was kind of iffy about the line due to the very gaudy type pieces that they sometimes produce. Here are a few of the most interesting pieces I've seen lately. I am really feeling the most recent additions to the BBC & ICE CREAM lines, someone has stepped their game up.
First is this very stylish BBC University Cardigan, worn by KANYE WEST, and pictured in the 3 available colors of grey, ivory and navy. I really love this jacket, it can be worn preppy or dressed down, like WEST has done. It looks cozy too, so fellas I would add this to my Christmas lists if I were you. It will look good on you....I promise! :)

Next are a couple of pieces that I find particularly creative. Waffle print shoes and waffle print a matching tote bag. The shoes are your basic sneaker and look like they would be a yummy addition to your closet! The shoes go for $195 and the bag is $230.

Another very cute hoodie from the line features the Ice Cream Pin-Up girl in a bikini with socks and sneakers. I like it in heather gray, but it also comes in pink. This lovely piece goes for $320!

The big chunky sweater that Pharrell has on, a BBC Knit Straight logo Zip Sweater (Ivory), is very stylish and I love the way it looks perfect for Winter. It features 2 front pockets and Pharrell is displaying the back, while the other photo is of the front. All of the logos are knitted. It is sold for $330.

You can find all of these pieces on the website: Go and check it out!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Just Thought This Was Cute.....

One of the OLSEN twins in a Giambattista Valli dress with different but very cute white shoes with a plink platform. Love it! These girls are very fashion forward.....

The Hotness: Robyn & Robin in GQ

Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty and Robin Thicke appear in the upcoming issue of GQ Magazine in a very high fashion photo shoot, with a dominatrix-style theme. The shots are amazing and they both look great in them. The one I like best is the biggest, however you can click on any of them to view a larger version. The photos do accompany interviews with the two, and the wardrobe was pretty basic. The only colors included on the shoot were red/burgundy, black, white and gray. I think the poses are cute, a little humorous and sexy all at the same time. Be sure to pick it up!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Cover Me Badd: Roc-a-Fella Rules....

Jay-Z, whose album is officially #1, covers Rolling Stone for next months issue. He looks very nice, and has the tailored look on lock. Love the scarf, and the color of the suit. The caption "Addicted to the Game" is fitting considering this is his second studio album release since the announcement of his retirement two years ago.

Next is KANYE WEST, who covers GQ Magazines MEN OF THE YEAR issue. We can't see his clothes for once, because this particular shot is very close in on his face. Something that is clearly visible that I've never really noticed before is the scar across his nose that I assume is from his accident years back.

The last cover is not a US one, but an Asian issue of Harper's Bazaar. And though
this woman is not techinically a member of Roc-A-Fella, BEYONCE is an honorable member due to her boyfriend Jay-Z. She looks amazing, and her face still stands out amongst all of those colorful feathers attached to the dress.

The Hotness: Balenciaga Shoe

I saw this shoe on Kanye Wests' blog a few months ago, and the next time I spotted it was on BEYONCE during her performance of "Irreplaceable" country-style, at the AMA's. She wore the very different shoes with a pair of jeans, a patent blazer with colors to pick up the shoes, and royal blue and yellow circular earrings. The shoes go for just over $4,000. Can we say LegoLand?

Who Wore What: American Music Award Fashions

There were some remarkably beautiful dresses worn that the 2007 American Music Awards and here are a few of the pieces I liked best:

looked stunning in a tan mermaid style dress with an accordion pleat along the top. Its a pretty color and, though I am not a fan of this particular style of dress, it looks good. Her jewelery was also very cute, stacking diamond bangles on her left wrist along with an oversize ring. And of course she had her long flowing glamorous hair to top off the look.

My next pick was none other than the little sister of the superstar SOLANGE, wearing a dress that was a very similar color to BEYONCE's. I love how the dress looks like a party dress, and is still elegant. Its short, and the belt gives her a waistline. However I am not sure about the oink shoes with he dress. I think the shoes would have looked better without the belt. But the look still looks hot!

Wearing a beautiful dress, that is coincidentally along the same color lines as the Knowles', is singer ASHANTI. She wore a beautiful, golden flowing strapless number, embellished below the bust with open cut-outs exposing her toned hips. She looks very radiant, and her accessories are very fitting.

Spice Girl MEL B showed off her amazing post baby bod, which has been kept in motion due to her remaining position on dancing with the stars. A sparkly dress that actually looks like it could have come form the "DWTS" wardrobe room, hugged Scary Spice in all the right places, and showed off those amazing stems she has! Very sexy!

Last but not least is RIHANNA who always comes with the different look. She is a fashion icon in the making and she is definitely not afraid of taking chances. Her dress looked like it was inspired by a big bow, and it was executed very well. Not sure I like the glove she chose to wear with it, but the Louboutin's definitely were a great choice!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Me No Likey: That Look is NOT for you!

One of the worst things is when Bad Clothes happen to good people, and in these cases, that's the unfortunate circumstance.

PEPA is a firecracker, and we all know she wears some racy clothes, but this just about takes the cake. Out partying at what looks like Bed in Miami, PEPA wore white jeans (which is not a good idea #1), and a white bra with black embroidery and a black camisole on top. Only she did not really wear the cami, because it was pulled down to expose that hideous lace bra. And I'm pretty sure this pose is NOT helping the situation. Awww Pep! And you were doing so well!

Actress and Comedian SHONDRELLA AVERY attended the Kissable Couture launch party wearing a very iridescent top that I do not like at all....and then she belted it on top of that. The velvet pants are way too much for that top and it does not sit well with me. The whole outfit looks pieced together form separate looks creating one big mess, and that huge gold bag scores no points in my book either.

, who is also at the Kissable Couture event has been dressing so adorable lately, however this redish pink number is not so nice. I think it's too tight, and the black boots look too big. I don't just looks like she is going to school or something. It's just not fab, and the gold belly rope belt looks like that school is junior high. Lose that outfit Chrissy!

Who Wore What: Stylish Starlets!

I am loving some of the fashions I saw this week! So here are a few pics of my fav outfits!

First is BEYONCE fresh off her World Tour and she looks so adorable in these high-waist slacks with the bow-tie. The long sleeve turtleneck is perfect for winter and she finishes the look off with an over sized beanie and stone embellished shoes.

Fresh out of rehab is LINDSAY LOHAN in the Los Angeles CHANEL store doing some shopping. She has on a satin silver one piece dress. She threw on a pair of black ankle boots with it, keeping in line with her usual style by adding some funk and the boho-chic element.

JENNIFER HUDSON looked so amazing at this Clive Davis party! I loved everything about the look from head to toe. Her hair and make-up were flawless and the dress was gorgeous on her. The brown number hugged her in all the right places and created a very desirable silhouette for JHud as she has been nicknamed by many.

Landing on here twice is BEYONCE...she really impressed me this week. I am loving this dress she chose for her trip back to the states. She was spotted in the airport wearing this short puff sleeve gray dress with buttons running down the front. Lovely!

LAUREN LONDON, who you should all go check out in "This Christmas" in theaters now, wore a very cute dress to the LA Premiere of the movie. Simplicity is her MO and I love it. She a pretty girl so she doesn't try to over-do it, wearing the clothes and not letting them wear her. She belted the knee-length dress and black peep toe shoes.

Also starring in "This Christmas" is SHARON LEAL who wore a very cute blue layered spaghetti strapped dress. Not anyone can pull this look off but I think she did so very well. And the metallic silver peep toe shoes are hot.