Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Hotness: Cartier Love Bracelet

I am really loving this bracelet seen on plenty of Hollywood's hottest. Not only is it stylish and classy, but it has such a great meaning behind it! Cartier boasts "How Far Would You Go For Love?" The Love collection includes bracelets, watches, cuffs, necklaces, and rings.

In the 1970s, imagination held sway and every flight of
fancy was possible. Screwed around the wrist of the beloved with a screwdriver,
the LOVE bracelet de Cartier thus became a provocative talisman and at the same
time an iconic symbol of a fusional love… Forgetting yourself until you are no
longer two, but one; possessing or letting yourself be possessed.And you, how
far would you go for LOVE?

I am fan of this bracelet and I recently spotted it on RIHANNA at a Gucci event. Every one was in a frenzy about her new tattoo, but I was drooling over the bracelet. I think it's so cute how it screws on with the included screwdriver representative of your commitment to that special person. Perfect for this holiday season, and even better for the next biggest holiday. No not Christmas or New Years....but February 14th Valentine's Day! :)

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