Friday, November 14, 2008

I Want That/Bag Lady!

So I have an obsession with bags! I love collecting them, but I'm very selective and picky about what works for me and what doesn't. With that said, I am currently waiting on my Givenchy Nightingale to arrive on my doorstep any day now, but since I ordered that two more bags have caught my eye (I know, I know). You're probably thinking enough is enough, but I can't help myself.
The first of the two is the Jimmy Choo "Eva" clutch, which is not something I'd typically like, but since I've started going out more and more in the past few years, I realize that my obsession for oversize bags is not always appropriate, and it can really mess up a nice outfit. This bag seems like it'd add just enough to an already classy dress or an even more casual look. I love the watchstrap hardware! I think that's definitely what won me over!
The second bag is the YSL Besace Messenger bag. I saw this bag while browsing the net one day and then most recently on Elle Magazine's editor in chief Anne Slowey on Stylista. I love a bag I can use different ways. Ths bag for example can be worn over the shoulder like most bags or the strap can be lenghtened to be carried across the chest, like a true messenger bag. I like the black one. Fans of this bag include Rihanna of the gold one and Jessica Alba of the black.

So these are my current obsessions as far as bags go! What bags are you eyeing?

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