Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Book Worm: 1,000 Places to See Before You Die

A book I picked up at Urban Outfitters that is pretty cool. It's for the dreamer in you, and if you like to get out and travel, it's perfect!

Harper Bazaar's 140th Aniversary!

So as usual, I'm excited to receive my Harper's Bazaar every month in the mail, and it truly never disappoints; but this month's issue in particular was especially entertaining. This month's issue is the 140th anniversary issue and it's amazing. Actress JENNIFER ANISTON covers this issue. A couple of my favorite stories and sections include:

The Happy Birthday Section: Which is a collection of tribute magazine covers from some of the most influential designers by answering the question posed by Diana Vreeland: "Why Don't You..." Some of my favorite answers include:

*"Why don't you take a moment to enjoy the moment?" -Christopher Bailey of Burberry
*"Why don't you belt your boyfriends shirt and wear it as a dress?" -Ralph Lauren
"Why don't you stop talking about yourself?" -Carolin Herrera

The "In the Praise of Classics" section: This section was dedicated to articles of clothing that should be staples in your wardrobe. Like the classic white blouse, trench coat, the perfect jeans, ballet flats, cashmere, etc. This section lists the classic items along with photos of our favorite fashionista's rocking them while out and about.

These are only a taste of what the issue includes, it took me about 3 days to completely read it, but it was well worth my time! Go and pick it up!

oh yeah! Naomi has a very beautiful black and white spread too!

The Hotness: Roberto Cavalli in H&M

First it was Madonna, and then we had Kylie Minogue, but now H&M has signed on with one of the best designers in the WORLD to create a specialty line for the chain store: ROBERTO CAVALLI. Known for his signature use of color and animal prints, the line will include apparel for men and women! November 8th is the day you will be able to get your hands on the items which will be available in 200 stores worldwide. Until that day comes, here are a few pics of the designer at work on some of the pieces from the new line. Enjoy! xoxo

Monday, October 29, 2007

Style Spotlight: Lindsay Lohan

This girl has had a rough year....but we all have to admit that Lindsay Lohan remains fashionable through it all. She makes anything look stylish, whether it be a t-shirt, shorts, or over sized hoodie. I love just about every picture I see of her, and she accessorizes especially well. The sunglasses, the shoes, the bags...I love it all! lol She generally goes with ballerina flats, large tees that hang off of the shoulder, fedora hats, cardigans, skinny jeans, shorts and/or jersey dresses. She obviously has a stylist, but I give her all the credit for the out and about everyday looks, which I love the most!

Lohan pretty much never fails. Even when she's dressing down, the look is hot. She, at least in my opinion, is the Kate Moss of my generation, minus the modeling career. I know that's a bold statement, but upon looking at these shots, I'm pretty sure you'll come to the same conclusion. Of course, you can click on the photos to view them larger.
PS She's out of rehab and is looking better than ever! Team Lindsay! :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Double Takes: Beyonce, Tina Knowles & Kelly Rowland!

This edition of "Double Takes" is a little bit different than previous ones. The focus of this one, is a pair of boots. Apparently these 3 women all wear the same size, because they were all spotted wearing the same pair of boots. These black, pointed toe, stiletto boots, with pearl and rhinestone embellishments, are the the pair have traveled more than some people I know. Had these 3 women been completely separate individuals, but the fact that they are family, I'm willing to bet that these particular pair were passed around. I would like to note that I am not in any way spinning this so that it seems like a "bad thing" but rather just something I noticed. I'm all for switching and swapping....why not?!

Last year, the first person who wore these boots was BEYONCE, with the matching bag while out with boyfriend JAY-Z doing a little shopping. I am loving her top in these shots!

Soon after, Beyonce's momager TINA KNOWLES threw on the boots, minus the matching bag with a black long sleeve top and jeans for an appearance on TRL promoting their joint clothing line House of Dereon.
I noticed the sharing of accessories last year, but thought nothing of it. I mean, they are together all of the time, and since I know these boots weren't cheap I see no shame in sharing them!

But it looks as if when Tina and daughter Beyonce were done with them, they passed them down to Destiny's Child group member KELLY ROWLAND. She was spotted this week in London at a performance wearing the same boots, with a black skin tight cat-suit inspired one-piece. Hey, if Beyonce was my best friend or daughter, I'm sure we'd be wearing the same thing on more than one occasion too! lol

Who Wore What: Ladies on the Red Carpet

It seems that short dresses are in. Here are a few people who rocked them successfully....at least in my opinion.

Here we have ALICIA KEYS on the red carpet for the Black Ball. It reminds me of a dress from 'Ghita' the dress line of Kanye's fiance. I like this dress, it's very cute and simple. I believe it is from Custo but don't quote me on that. It is very similar to a dress Trina posed in for an upcoming magazine spread which I also think is very cute.

Next is KERRY WASHINGTON once again with a gold and silver sequin dress. I am loving this dress, it is very busy but at the same time the eye-catching designs add to the appeal of the dress. I want it!

Both at the premiere of "Somebody Help Me" are TIA MOWRY and BROOKLYN SUDANO. The women look amazing! I really really like Tia's dress. The pattern is so beautiful, I love the colors! I am "iffy" about the boots, but I think it worked, I would have loved to see the dress with a cute pair of strappy sandals, flats or heels. Sudano's long sleeved satin dress was a very deep blue, accompanied by an equally deep neckline. I like the dress, but would have once again gone with different shoes. Pumps are so safe, and I'm a fan of taking chances. Looking good ladies!

Fashionable Duos: Classy Couples

Here are a few couples that I thought accented each other well, and were especially fashionable. First is LAILA ALI and her husband an awards ceremony celebrating women athletes. The dress is cute, I love the color and his tie matched perfectly.

Next up are IMAN and DAVID BOWIE. They win my vote for best overall. I absolutely love this dress. The color is amazing and the detail on the neckline makes the dress. His suit was absolutely fab, looking as if it were freshly from Savile Row (if you don't know what that is...raise your fashion IQ, lol). And again....I'm really feeling that dress!

Rumored couple MARQUES HOUSTON and actress JENNIFER FREEMAN kept it casual at the premiere of their new horror movie "Somebody Help Me." I like the look together but I don't think the looks would have done anything for me independently of one another. Her dress is simple, and I think it's interesting that she chose red shoes and clutch to change up the look a bit. I'm undecided about it, but it's not bad. Houston on the other hand, wore a shirt that matched Freeman's dress pairing it with jeans, dress shoes, opting for a somewhat oversized black blazer. I don't think I like the "baggy" look....especially since tailored is "in." Also....the chest exposure is not something I find particularly attractive. However as I said before: they make a cute couple, both fashionably ans physically.

Another very stylish couple: TOM & KATIE CRUISE. Her little strapless number is so adorable, and I am loving the shape of the dress. The "poof" makes her look like a little princess. Tom...as usual, is stylish with his tailored suit.

Last but not least we have KERRY WASHINGTON and COMMON on the set of TRL this week. He is promoting his new single and his role in American Gangster. She is wearing a red eyelet thigh-length dress, while common rocks one of his signature hats with a t-shirt, vest, and jeans. They look cute together! xoxo

The Hotness: Black and White Frenzy!

So as I was doing my usual browsing of the pictures from this week...I noticed a commonality, or a trend if you will. It seemed that Black and White were the colors to wear. Whether it be a short dress a long dress or a suit, black and white were the prominent colors of selection this week.

Starting with the dresses, we have JENNIFER HUSDON in New York wearing a very cute white halter dress with a black belt at the waist-line along with black shoes and a black clutch. Next is GOLDEN BROOKS in a very cute black and white cocktail dress, going with black tights, black clutch, and both her and my favorite YSL pumps. I love how the dress is ruffled at the bottom and she looks "gorie!" Me likey! Lastly is CIARA at one of her many her birthday parties that are to take place this weekend. At this particular party, which took place at Nikki Beach in New York, she wore a form fitting strapless black dress trimmed at the top in white. She looks beautiful!

Next up, we have the suits and the pants. JAY-Z wore a black and white suits to the 4th annual Black Ball: "Keep a Child Alive" event. I personally don't like the look; the jacket makes the suit look cheap. The white buttons are not hot! What happened Jay? I always loved your swagger & style...but I'm going to have to pass on it this time. At the same event, ALICIA KEYS blessed the stage with her presence in a black shirt and pants, with a white denim blazer and white belt. I like it, she's such a beauty! JANET JACKSON also went with the black and white, keeping up the preppy look she has been rocking lately. I like the look, the high waist, wide-leg slack are very cute, and she tops the loook off with a black beret (pictured with Rashida Jones). The last person in the "black and white frenzy" is KELLY ROWLAND who was out and about doing promotional appearances. Here she is pictured at the Virgin megastore in a pair of black high waist wide leg slacks, white long-sleeved blouse with a black beret. This look is pretty similar to Janet's and I love them both! xoxo

Style Showdown: Christina Milian vs. Kel Mitchell

This is a funny one, because we rarely see men and women rocking the same thing, but in this case we have child star Kel Mitchell and singer/actress, Christina Milian both rocking the same tee shirt.

Milian, pictured earlier in the week, wore the graphic v-neck tee that features a happy face wearing sunglasses and a yellow bandanna with a black leather jacket, thermal tights, black boots and a yellow and black plaid beanie.

Mitchell wore the same v-neck tee with a heather grey sweater vest, black jeans and a black cadet cap embellished with buttons/pins. I don't necessarily like the deep v-neck on Kel, but what do you think? Who won this style showdown?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Book Worm: The Coldest Winter Ever

This book is by far one of the best I've read. I read it for the first time in the 7th grade, and I have read it about 4 times since then. The last time was in high-school and the only reason I kept re-reading it was because I was expecting the sequel to come out soon! I have heard so many rumors regarding the sequel, and/or the movie that supposedly features Jada Pinkett as protagonist Winter Santiaga in an HBO film. I don't know what to believe anymore....but I'm anxiously waiting. Just about everyone I knows has read this book (guys included) and we've all loved it! So if you have not yet had the pleasure of doing so: pick it up, but beware....you will NOT be able to put it down. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Heads Up: California Wildfires vs. Hurricane Katrina

This is just mere speculation on my part....maybe. I am completely aware of the disastrous situation that is going on as I write this: the fires are spreading. And among 13 fires barely 3 are contained and firefighters have yet to get control over the other many blazing monsters that ravage the land of California. This has officially been declared a "state of emergency" which opens the door for federal aid, including FEMA which will pay up to 5 million dollars or more if necessary. Personally I just find it amazing that within 3 days of these fires starting and spreading that not only has the governor been to and remained at the site; but the president has been very active in the assistance and attention given to the fires. One of the first areas to catch fire was the very wealthy neighborhood of Malibu, California. Burning in seven counties, the wildfires have destroyed about 1,500 homes and caused more than a half-million people to evacuate since the first fire.

The reason I am amazed is because what is now to be considered the second largest natural disaster for the US, falling second to the Wildfires, did not get such a quick and efficient response from the government. I am not in any way down-playing the danger or the seriousness of this situation but there have been no lives lost here. I am just posing the question(s): What is the difference here? Why was the response to those here in California so quickly granted, while the Gulf Coast is still in shambles? I think that the Bush administration may be trying to make-up for Katrina by paying extra-special attention to the wildfires. As I previously stated, they do need the help, but the comparison of the two tragedies can only leave one to wonder...what's the big picture?

The Hotness: Sean John for Women!

OK, so I have to admit..I was a bit skeptical of Diddy's attempt to branch off and create the opportunity for women to rock his label; however after a few peeks into what this season has to offer, I'm very excited. This man is impressing me more and more everyday! Here are a few shots of some looks from the Fall/Winter/Holiday season of the line.
The looks are very funky and seem as though they can be dressed up or down. They range from jeans, boots and jackets to dresses and high-fashion inspired high-waist pants. I am loving Cassie's look in all the shots. The other outfits are nice too but whoever styled her for the shoot definitely did their thing! :)

Who Wore What? Battle of the Backside!

Here we have Janet Jackson @ an awards ceremony in a black floor-length gown working the red carpet and showing off her back-side. Two straps are across the back and there's a very high halter neckline. She paired on m fav shoe of the season the YSL Tribute Pump.
Halle Berry is pictured at the premiere for he new film "Thigs We Lost in the Fire" in a beautiful blue dress. The back displays a very intricate design and a draping front and backside. It is also floor-length, si I ccan't qiote see the shoes, but I'm sure they're hot!