Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sasha's Ballet Shoes....w/a twist!

We all got a glimpse of these dominatrix inspired shoes when BEYONCE shot her video for Green Light and again when RIHANNA did Umbrella, but it seems SASHA FIERCE decided she wanted to bring them back out for the new album promo shots. I am loving this edgy thing B has going on. A part of me thinks Sasha is B's little protection, like if Sasha is a little to sexual or edgy, we can just blame it on that other image, and the perfect Beyonce we all know will not be at fault. I must say, she's thought of everything! 
Back to the shoes. They are definitely impossible to walk in, and they place your feet at the most upright position, that of which true ballet dancers do on a daily. More power to B and all her dancers for attempting and succeeding at putting these on and standing up! I know her dancers are praying that she only uses these for photo shoots this time around!

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Elle said...

I love that top picture...the pose is fire!