Thursday, January 31, 2008

Look Of The Week: Rihanna

I think this dress RIHANNA is wearing is soo cute! I love the waistline and the colors are hot, paired with these black boots, it's perfect! And you know I'm loving the pockets! I am going to head over to H&M right now, hoping that since she's attending an H&M event that that's where the dress iS from...but I doubt it. Oh's wishful thinking! Either way, it's truly a hot look.

Bag Lady: Who, What & Where?

I've been watching the arm candy on some of our fav celebs, and I decided to do a post on some of the hot bags I've seen in the past couple of weeks.

First is KELLY ROWLAND, rocking this MIU MIU bag, which is instantly recognizable by the ruching of the bag (something the line is known for). She wears it well here and I am really feeling the entire outfit. She is rocking the bag in brown, and it is also available in tan and white. The MATELASSE LEATHER TOTE retails for $1950 and you can click here to purchase it right away.

Next is GABRIELLE UNION wearing the it bag, at least in my opinion of the season, the MAHINA XXL. I am going to get my hands on one of these! I promise! :) The bag is currently pretty much sold out, well not really but when I went to the LV store to see it in person there was just one left. I love this bag, especially in black and it comes in 2 sizes XL and XXL, but I'm feeling the bigger one, since I am fan of large bags. It comes in black, white and denim monogram. The larger one retails for $3900 and the smaller one for $3100. Click here to get your hand on one.

A girl that is known for carrying the same bag for extended periods of time, MEAGAN GOOD was also spotted with a Louis. This particular bag, the MONOGRAM DENIM NEO CABBY GM, is a little cheaper than Gabby's, ringing in @ only $1790, and coming in 2 colors (lighter and darker denim). It's a cute bag, but I've never been big on the denim collection, just something about it. Anyway, if you want to snatch one of these up like GOOD, then this is the place to do it.

And Miss. Fashionista herself, RIHANNA was out and about at the airport, once again rocking a Louis Vuitton bag. This bag is a little more casual than the others as it is a tote from the "That's Love" collection. It is called the LOVE TOTE GM, which also comes in a medium PM and small MM size (Rhianna had on the largest). It's a cute bag to throw your things in when you are on the go and still be stylish. However, it does come at a heavy price for such a simple piece. The size pictured goes for $890, and you can pick one up here.

Happy Shopping!

What are these?

This is hilarious. When I saw them over at "Fab Sugar," I just has to post them. If you look closely, you'll see that this is just one piece....meaning the shoes are connected to the pants and vice versa. Very interesting. As if that weren't enough, they are also metallic. I cannot imagine having to lace these things up! I have a hard enough time with my sneakers, and having to go all the way to my hips is out of the question! Would you wear them?

Like I said.....

The chick is definitely feeling "furry."

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chrisette Michele's "Love is You"

I am the biggest CHRISETTE MICHELE fan there is! She is totally amazing and her voice is so comforting! The things she can do, and her range is impeccable! So of course I was both shocked and pleased when I was sitting here checking my email and I heard one of my favorite songs off of her debut album "Love is You," on the new Nivea lotion commercial. It looks like Nivea is promoting their Valentine's Day special, and using the tune is very appropriate for the concept. I wish she'd get more endorsements. It seems like her "type of voice," that raspy/soulful sound is in for commercials, since that's what I've been hearing lately. Congrats Chrisette!

Pharrell's Jewelry for Louis Vuitton: "Blason Collection"

I am loving the jewelry, especially the gold oval earrings!

Somebody better watch out for PETA!

LINDSAY LOHAN has been out about out in NYC all week and something is different. She is of course in her signature tights with a acute pair of heels or boots, but she's added something else to the mix: FUR! Like I said above, somebody better watch our for PETA before she ends up their target like the OLSEN TWINS a few months ago. I think she looks cute, and I'm sure it's cold in NYC, so she has every right to throw on something a little extra to keep her warm right? The first day LOHAN rocks a longer tan fur coat, American Apparel tights, patent ankle boots and a YSL bag. The next day she opts for a shorter black cropped fur coat, once again with AA leggings, adding a beanie to the mix. The following day she only wears a jacket trimmed in fur, but instead of tights she goes for the opaque black stocking and a change of handbag. What do you think? Is going fur-less better?


This is most likely going to be the tour of the YEAR! With my love of RIHANNA, the amazing leaked single from N.E.R.D., my adoration of LUPE all matched with the king himself KANYE! I can't wait! The tour is titled, "Glow in the Dark," and I'm wiling to bet the entire show will be glow in the dark. It seems really Daft Punk-ish, and I'm loving it. I will definitely be online clicking the ""purchase" button when these go on sale. I'm not sure where and when, but I will most definitely be in the building!

Monday, January 28, 2008

On The Hunt......

....for NICOLE RICHIE'S boots!

I want these boots that NICOLE was spotted out grabbing some coffee in. If you know me, you already know I love her style, and she made me love it even more! I think these knee high platform boots are too cute, and I'm officially "On The Hunt" to figure out what they are! Anyone have any clues? I'm thinking BALENCIAGA, but I don't know. I just say this because of the similarity between them and a pair of ankle boots MARY KATE OLSEN was spotted in (about 2 years ago), which I believe are BALENCIAGA. If you get any leads, you know what to do! Let me know :)

Who Wore What: 'Cuteness' of the Weekend - Dress Edition

This weekend, there were plenty of red carpets walked and shows attended. I only saw a few things that really caught my attention, in a good way. I don't really want to do a "Me No Likey" since nothing was that horrible! lol But as for the cute stuff, here we go:
CHRISTINA MILIAN looks stunning while out and about in Miami. The singer and girlfriend of super producer Dre of "Cool & Dre," wore this cute little beige strapless dress, that by the way is so much cuter w/the pockets, with a pair of Louis Vuitton sandals and a tan clutch. Very cute!

Next, CHANDRA WILSON, better known as "Bailey," her character on the hit series Grey's Anatomy wore a very shiny dress to the SAG awards last night! Upon first glance, I was a little undecided, but I ultimately figured out that I like the look for her. It looks much better in action, catching the light and all, but it still looks amazing in a pic. She looks nothing like her character, and her hair is so much better than that mushroom style we are used to seeing her in every week. I love it.

is also sparkling in a beautiful Nina Ricci gown which I think is so beautiful. The strapless, flowing, number is perfect on her and she is absolutely glowing! Once again, someone we are used to seeing on a weekly basis w/o being all glammed up. This cast truly knows how to clean up!

One of my fav fashionista's RIHANNA dazzled on the red carpet this weekend in a gray dress that is simple but still makes a statement. The material actually looks like cotton, but my favorite part of it is the back. It features a cinched back, with a striped ribbon. It's different and we can always count on her to bring a little change, in a good way. Contrary to popular opinion, I really liked actress

's look. She looks angelic and everything about the look works in my opinion. I am really interested in the mid-section. It makes the dress, and the accordion pleat, and spaghetti straps is just really, really cute to me. I love it.

Last but definitely not least, the girl who rose to fame on Nickelodeon, AMANDA BYNES wore this beautiful embellished Marchesa gown. The navy strapless dress looks Grecian inspired, and I am loving the hem! Her hair is perfect for the look and I would definitely wear this! Love it!

Friday, January 25, 2008


Only Karl can do something like this. Check out the pics from the CHANEL fashion show. I know you see the humongous classic CHANEL jacket as the entire showpiece for the stage. Amazing.

Goyard Luxury Luggage

This is the ultimate in luggage. GOYARD is a luxury trunk maker, actually the oldest trunk maker in existence. It's the luggage of choice for kings, queens, and aristocrats. All of the styles are monogrammed, so if that's your thing, you may want to pass. However, the drawback of monogram is that everyone knows what it is, and not many people know what this is. It's hard to get your hands on, as it only sold in fewer than 15 locations worldwide! But you know you can always count on Bergdorf's to keep you in style, it is one of the few locations that offer GOYARD.
Kanye refers to the line on his latest effort "Graduation"in the song "The Glory"
"The fur is Hermes shit that you don't floss/
The Goyard so hard think I'm Hugo's Boss"

Of course it is very pricey, so pricey, I decided to not even include it here, but if you really want to know, head over to Bergdorf's web site and check it out. It is produced in a rainbow of colors, so you will have your choice of how you want to spin it. I personally like black or white. Even though this is waayyy out of my league, pricewise, it's still good to be informed. The pieces are nothing that I'm salivating over, but they are pretty hot. What do you think??

Farewell VALENTINO!! *sad face*

So sad to say it but......VALENTINO GARAVANI is officially retired! :( The designer did his very last Ready to Wear show yesterday in Paris. He announced his retirement, but I thought he was going to pull a JAY Z, or at least that's what I was hoping for. I love his designs, but at 75 years old, and 50 years of service with his company, GARAVANI deserves a break! He looks so amazing for his age! The very talented ALLESANDRA FACCINETTI, formerly of GUCCI will be replacing him, or should I say taking over his position because no one can replace him! He is one of the very few people who truly know couture, it's sad to see him go, but I'm sure FACCINETTI will do a wonderful job. Check out the pieces from the show below! They're beautiful! Farewell VALENTINO! Au revoir.....Adieu!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

For My Fellas/I Love My.....


Scarves have become a very big part of everyone's wardrobe's this fall. Every winter is getting colder, and I think this calls for the necessary additions to keep us all warm. A scarf that I have seen more than a couple of times in the past few weeks is the Louis Vuitton scarf. It's a little too busy for me, I like solids. But JERMAINE DUPRI, DJ JUS SKE, New York's go to DJ, and YOUNG JEEZY, prefer the monogrammed pieces. DUPRI & JEEZY really went the extra mile, wearing the matching beanie. This hat was also seen on Bow Wow and T.I. last year. I like the one Young Jeezy is pictured in, it looks better in black and gray, and I also think he's cute, lol. No but seriously, the black and gray is the way to go, at least in my opinion.

New YSL Muse Bag!

My mother was just reading in the paper the other day (Sunday to be exact) that the YSL Muse bag is officially DEAD! The company classified it as a limited edition, which meant getting one was a tremendous feat. But when they produced more than they had originally told buyers, it was soon on the arm of every "Tom, Dick & Jane." This, according to the article, quickly makes an it bag, a "not it" bag. If it is too accessible, the elite who where given first dibbs, quickly lose a liking to the bag. The Muse II (two) has just been introduced, by who else than KATE MOSS, the uber fab face of over 10 high fashion lines, in the new Ad Campaign. I love the concept of her looking through this window of the Yves Saint Laurent store. The bag comesin 2 sizes, as did the first version. They go for $1895 for the large and $1695 for the medium. You can get it @ SAKS of course or get on the wait list now by calling Fatima at YSL 310-271-4110 to order yours soon! It will come in various colors, blue is in the and and pictured separately is the burgundy. I won't be dropping the near $2,000 for one, I just don't love it that much, but it is a very beautiful bag. What do you think?

I Just Thought This Was Cute.....

LAUREN LONDON wore this blue satin top w/a black belt and black stockings and ankle boots. I was shocked at the comments on as I read the first twenty-something comments NOT ONE PERSON liked it! I think that they just don't understand the look. The top has a vintage influence and LONDON wears it perfectly. The addition of the belt is perfect and I totally love the boots with it, however I think just about any basic pump/boot/peeptoe would have worked. It's adorable, I just purchased an all black polyester top that is similar @ the Fairfax flea market last Sunday for only $7. I'm sure Lauren's was a little bit more expensive, but achieving the same look as the celebs does not always have to cost you an arm and a leg.

If I Must Say So Myself.....

.....PHARRELL looks amazing! His face is always amazing (lol), but I am loving his whole look here. He is pictured @ his Hotel in Paris, where he has been spending plenty of time due to his dealings with Louis Vuitton, not to mention all the fabulous fashion shows that have been taking place. Anyways, "Skateboard P" (as he is affectionately known) is wearing a pair of fitted jeans, with a black blazer w/satin lapels & a vest. I think the bowtie really makes the outfit, and the slippers (that reportedly cost $5,000) add the flavor that is Pharrell to the outfit.

Gabby on UGLY BETTY!

Finally another beautiful black face on one of TV's hottest shows...the other is VANESSA WILLIAMS. GABRIELLE UNION was the love interest of Daniel, and the sister of scandalous Willamina, played by Williams. I'm happy to see her on the show, it's a fresh face for the cast we are so used to seeing every week.

John Legend LIVE!

OK, so I have both of JOHN LEGEND'S albums, but this is the one I'm most excited for. The album is a Target Exclusive, so that's the only place you can go to buy it. He's live from Philadelphia, and you get a DVD with concert footage along with your CD. It's 19 tracks!!! Yes, 19! I absolutely love his voice, it's so soothing and pure. It'll be blasting on my iPod within the next week. But's only while supplies last, and the quantity is limited.