Friday, November 14, 2008

Which Atlanta Housewife are YOU?

I took the test and I was kind of shocked by the results. The one housewife that gets on my nerves the 2nd most is the one I am! But when you read the questions, and the way they're worded, I see why I am "Sheree." She's hilarious to me, but this is the summation of why you scored the way you did at the end of the quiz:

You value class above all else. Reputation is important to you and
you want a good one. You throw lavish parties and have fabulous connections, and
people aspire to have the status you maintain. Money isn't everything but you
believe its important top keep up a certain lifestyle. And honey, yours is firece.
This is too funny! To take the test and find out which housewife you are head over to Let me know how you do!

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