Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fab Finds!

Ok, so you know whenever I find something amazing for an even more amazing price I have to pass it on! I was on one of my fav costume jewelry sites and I found these cute geometric pendants in an array of colors! Geometric design in definitely in this season and will continue into the Spring. You can look on any runway and see the gepmetric inspiration behind many pieces. These necklaces are only $12.99, and definitely a Fab Find!
I have long been a fan of these "Genie" pants, but I could never picture myself in them! I am not the tiniest girl and I always felt like that's who this look was made for since it exaggerates the size of the legs anyway. But I have recently really started to like them! I think I'm even going to take the leap and buy a pair. It's not that big of a commitment since I can get the look for only $15.80! Forever 21 has a pair of Shirred Ankle Draped Capri pants that I can test the waters with. Besides, I know the ones from Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren's Spring 2009 lines are way more than that!

Happy Shopping!


Elle said...

Great necklace! Definitely a derivative of the Marc Jacobs Lego accessories by Dee and Ricky.

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!