Friday, August 29, 2008


I'm sorry, this post has nothing to do w/fashion whatsoever...but I just had to. CHRIS that you?! Someone is growing up, huh? I've always looked at him as a 'little boy' but something is telling me that I (along with may other people) will begin to change my mind. If only Bow Wow could go through this transformation....Lord knows he is still pretty much 12 to me. lol

Angela & Vanessa step out in Vegas!

I pretty much always like the way the girls dress, but in my opinion, they killed this time! I love AANGELA'S high-waist skirt with the American Apparel-ish tank! The colors looks amazing and the yellow top under it really does the job of breaking up the black and pink combo that is not so hot on its' own.

The shoes....done! They are by Pierre Hardy and are amazing! Angela's not the only one who likes them as they have also been seen on a few other starlets this week. And VANESSA'S dress that sort of looks like a jacket is also very stylish. I love the sophistication of it yet still very sexy. Like I said...killin it!

Head over to URBAN HOOPLA to check out the other ladies who rocked the shoe [Rihanna, LaLa & Cassie].

Michael Jackson turns 50! Happy Birthday MJ!

You can say what you what about MJ, but as far as I'm concerned he's still the baddest! He celebrates his 59th birthday today so I just want to send b-day wishes his way!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gucci's Babouska Bootie

This fabulous little shoe was just released and is already popping up on the feet of young Hollywood. I first saw the shoe in person last week when I INTERVIEWED her about her new untitled project due early 2009. She was wearing the full boot and it looked hot! Over the weekend, the bootie version of the shoe was spotted on both VANESSA SIMMONS and JULISSA, who is now a MTV TRL VJ. It's pretty difficult to see either of the shoes, as Vanessa's background is black and Julissa is facing the camera. But if you look hard enough you can see them. Wearing shoes fab as these, they need to be sure and get shot from the back, kicking one foot in the air! lol.

Vanessa paired the bootie with a little black dress and a Fendi clutch.

Julissa wore the boots (better in my opinion) with a white tank, and a short black leather skirt that zips up in the back. Not really feeling the jewelry but overall the look is cute.

These particular pair retail for $995, but if you don;t particularly like them there is an array of different styles. Ranging from ballerina flats, flat boots, sandals, to pumps. Head over to GUCCI.COM to check it out.

Solange brings the "Funky" to her Appearances

SOLANGE aka Solo Star aka B's baby sis is really stepping out on the fashion scene. Clearly she does not look to others for inspiration, but instead, looks to create her own path....possibly for others to follow? I do not know if Mama Tina dresses her youngest superstar daughter also, but if so, that woman had a range of versatility under her sleeve. Solange is always shoeing up in something unexpected and it pretty much works every time. I love all of the outfits she was spotted in and although I wouldn't wear all of them, I commend her for taking a chance and doing her own thing rather than slipping into the cookie cutter template so many other young startles do these days.

Solo wore this cutesy sleeveless dress w/layered skirt and a thick black belt, topping it off with a pair of furry boots! Most of us would not have thrown these boots on, but oddly enough, it works and I like it.

My fav of the looks, Solo throws together a very 80's vintage look. From the pink and purple booties, to the purple fur stole and the thick gold necklace, I am loving every bit of it. Not this is something you'd definitely catch me in. I love the graphic tee and the hair & make-up are done! Love it!

And for some reason, this last look worked for me. I loved the pink tights and the lace-up ankle boot combo. The black and silver attire picked up the design in the boots and the huge belt doesn't hurt either. Hotness indeed.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A touch of Yellow to make it POP!

These stylish celebs all threw in a touch of the perfect color: yellow! It really adds to an outfit and is very eye catching when wore correctly.

SERENA added a yellow top and belt to this all black ensemble to make a statement on the red carpet. Can't say I'm loving it but she gorgeous either way!

SOLANGE looked stunning in this yellow dress in a promo shot for her upcoming project. I am loving the effect that it's a bunch of yellow flowers. She rivals Rihanna and Cassie when it comes to cutting edge fashion, in my opinion.

DAWN of Danity Kane, wore this mellow yellow dress recently to an event celebrating the Making the Band Season 4 premiere. I think the looks is safe, but the color is beautiful.

Other member of Danity Kane, D.WOODS thew on a pair of what else? Sneakers to MTV studios last week with a black dress. The look really makes her look short ans stubby and I am not really feeling it, but her glasses are definitely hot.

Rest in Peace Aaliyah

Wow, it has been seven years since the tragic passing of one of what was in my opinion, our most promising entertainers of our time.

It seems like just yesterday, and it's still so sad. What a beautiful girl. She has been remembered through her music, her beautiful spirit ans her fans have done everything possible to be sure she is not forgotten.

You can still donate to the "Aaliyah Memorial Fund" HERE. She may be gone but AALIYAH aka Baby Girl is definitely not forgotten. AALIYAH along with 8 other plane passengers Keeth, Christopher, Eric, Anthony, Scott, Gina, Doug and Luis died seven years ago today. I know it has not gotten any easier for the friends and families of these people, so I continue to send my prayers and condolences.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Look of the Week: Nia & Solange

Usually I just feature one person for the "Look of the Week" but I was very much feeling both of these very different looks for two very different reasons.

Lately SOLANGE has been really making a dent on the fashion a good way. I love everything about this girl; her style, her attitude, and her audacity. She is def the opposite of big sister B, but one thing they do have in common is a great fashion sense, although they dress completely different. She is pictured here performing at a concert in New York wearing 3 very big pieces that I honestly would not have thought to put together, but they worked. I love the accordion pleated strapless dress cinched with the leopard belt and topped off with a studded cropped black leather jacket. The jewelry is amazing and the hair is on point. I love everything about this entire look! Hotness indeed!

First of all let me just say that NIA LONG is one of the most gorgeous women I've seen, and by far the leading lady in Hollywood. She always comes out looking very polished and at least 10 years younger than she is. She could easily pass for still being in her twenties, even though she's pushing 40 at 37 years old. She attended a Black & White event supporting the Obamas in this very cute and short yet tasteful dress. Granted the dress is very simple and plain, but for some reason I just love this look. The shoes are also very amazing which I think won me over.

Bag Lady: Someone loves her snakeskin bag....

BEYONCE is known to carry and exclusive bag...or two...or three. Remember when she was spotted with one of 24 of the Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bags? A $42,000 bag?! She switches up pretty often and really doesn't get caught rocking the same bag too often, but it seems she's taken a liking to this blue--greenish snakeskin one. It's not something I'd have to have but I have to admit it is pretty eye-catching. She was spotted on three different recent occasions rocking the bag, with 3 very similar outfits. Seems like this is her all around convenient tote bag, as she threw her laptop in it on a recent trip to the airport.

Most recently at a concert in New York, B rocked the bag with a pair of jeans, a gray shirt, a cute scarf (that I saw pretty much an exact copy of @ Forever21) and a pair of banging red heels w/a metallic toe.

She also wore the nag a while back while she was in her "F the Paparazzi" mode, with a pair of jeans, black peep toe pumps, white tee and a gray hooded jacket.

And last week at the airport, she was spotted lugging the bag around the airport with her in a pair of jeans, a white blouse, a fab necklace and a pair of what look like YSL gold and tan sandals! I love it.

I'm sure her version is a arm and a leg...literally, but you can grab one very similar for I'm sure is less than what the price tag on B's is. Head over to SHOPBOP to check out the Leyla Messenger Tote.

Please Retire It: Elizabeth & James Feather Vest

We have really seen way too much of this vest on the Hollywood's ladies in the past month! Quite frankly, I am sick of it and would love for them to move on to something that hasn't been worn bye everyone else.

While I'm sure the PR people over at Elizabeth & James aren't too upset about it, it really bothers me. I know it's a hot statement piece, but when you see it worn so much, that should be a red flag to stay away from it! The people on my radar who have worn it so far include Cassie, Rihanna and Amerie, and now Aubrey of Danity Kane....and as far as I'm concerned she wore it the worst. Wearing the white one is taking a risk in itself, and the black looks so much better, but either way, I want to see this vest disappear quick! Please Retire It!!

I especially hated the way Aubrey paired it with these boots! It is not a good look. And I swear this chick has had some work done, although she denied it on the Wendy show last week...mmmmhhmm, yeah.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cassie's Official Girl Get-Up

While the song and video are among my favorites in both categories, I must say that the styling on this video is out of this world. As we all know, this chick can wear anything with that itsy bitsy frame of hers, and the sexy yet tasteful ensembles featured in this video showcase that. Some of my fav pieces from the video include:

Louis Vuitton Monogram Pulp Weekender bag she rocks with a white jacket that shows off her toned tummy along with the Givenchy booties that wrap all the way up the leg (pictured on models).

She also serves Diddy, opps! I mean the actor in the video, his walking papers, in the same hot pink dress she wore to the 2008 BET awards.

CASSIE also wore a pair of earrings that I'm pretty sure are from GIRLPROPS. They are the Plexi Lightning Bolt Earrings, and only cost 9.99.

As for the rest of the video, she keeps it very Aaliyah-esque; baring her belly with baggy pants, paired with clean dance moves.

Colorful Threads Take Over!

No one really wants to blend into the background while making appearance or hitting up the red carpet, so making a statement with a colorful piece has become standard. Some of the most recent colors I've seen include royal blue, geen and hot pink.


CASSIE keeps it short and sweet at the taping of "FNMTV."

Actress TASHA SMITH in an origami satin dress.

WILL SMITH still looks sexy in this pink t-shirt, spotted at the airport.

My Favorite color hue is JAY Z blue...

America's...I take that back, the worlds next "Top Model" CHANEL IMAN wore this very bright blue dress to the episode of the Tyra Show that featured the Black issue of Italian Vogue.

Another Top Mode TOCARRA opted for a very blue dress for the red carpet. You have got to admit, she look amazing! I don't know if she can be classified as "plus size" any longer.

KERI HILSON looks gorgeous in her promo shoot photos in this blue kimono style top/dress. I love it!

Gorgeous in Green

KERRY WASHINGTON glowed in this lime green shift dress while heading to the airport.

Another promo shot of KERI in this very beautiful green dress. I love the earrings and the belt!

Last but not least is Aunt VIV, spotted out and about shopping at H. Lorenzo in a darker green dress, looking fab if I might add!