Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm on Vacation

Hey everyone! I'm on vacation for the next week, so I won't be posting at all. I am in in beautiful Cabo with some of my best friends as we speak, sitting on the balcony watching the beautiful ocean as I type this. I have been on the net a bit, but I don't want to be consumed by the computer when I'm in such an amazing place. So with that said...you'll be hearing from me in about a week! :) Thanks for reading!! I may be posting on my other blog, nothing to do with fashion, but just my little blog of random thoughts and topics: Check it out!

Monday, June 16, 2008

GUCCI....don't do this to me!!!

I am so very impressed with the Fall/Winter 2008 collection of shoes from GUCCI! Some of my favorite productions by far! All of this when my budget is the tightest it's ever been. *sad face* The pieces that have stolen my heart go by the name of "Babouska." The collection features studded designs ranging from flat riding boots, booties, to peep toe sandals.

Babouska High heel open-toe sandals with horsebit ring buckle & studs. $1195

Babouska Flat boot with studs. $1390

Babuska High heel boots with studs. $1895

Babouska High heel booties with studs. $995

The bag that comes from the "Babouska" collection is impressive too. I have pictured here the Boston Bag which retails for $3195 and will ship only after July 15th. I am loving it!

The Hotness: Cuff Crazy!

PAULA ABDUL wore this gold YVES SAINT LAURENT Address Cuff to last nights' Laker game and I thought it was cute. I've seen the bags and the clutches that go with this collection, but never the cuff. It retails for $775 and is also available in Silver.

CHANEL has also produced a few bracelets/cuffs that have recently caught my eye too. My favorite one features CHANEL'S signature leather weaved chain, in silver and plum. Me likey!

Style Showdown [Biker Babe Edition]: Beyonce vs. Keisha

This edition of Style Showdown features two ladies rocking a similarly themed outfit. The "Biker" look, including leather jacket, cigarette pants, and black shirt all create a daring, edgy look. Though BEYONCE took it to another level with her gloves and shades, I think they both pulled it off.
WHITAKER'S look is just a bit more polished and red carpet ready. So what do you think? Who won this style showdown?

Found It: Lindsay's Shoes

I was on the hunt just yesterday for these shoes, and I already found them thanks to some of my readers! They are by BALENCIAGA and were also seen on NICOLE RICHIE not a few months back.

The Balenciaga Gladiator booties come from the Spring 2008 Collection and in a variety of colors. Yaayy! Another victory!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bag Lady: Who's Wearing What?

BEYONCE leaving lunch in New York carrying her DOLCE & GABBANA Miss Pocket Patchwork Snakeskin Satchel which retails for $2,995.

RIHANNA at the airport carrying her JT ITALIA HB Satchel in "Red Eel" which retails for $3840.00.

KIM KARDASHIAN out with her family for a lunch interview wearing this CHANEL Calfskin Bowling Bag with Rhodoid chain. Kim is pictured here wearing the hobo version and the one pictured below her is the bowling bag version.

This Guy is just too fresh for words....

I know these shots are old, but I was browsing some of the pics in my archives and I came across them. They are so classic, and PHARRELL pulls off some very creative looks. I love his style and his ability to always take chances, creating trends instead of following.

The shoot features pretty much everything LOUIS VUITTON, with a few of his own pieces, including jewelry and jeans of course [BBC].

I Like Her Style: Jada's Amazing Ensemble

This is like perfection at it's best....does that make sense? lol Either way, JADA looks amazing! I am in love with her outfit from head to toe. The shirt is absolutely gorgeous, taking "vintage" to a whole other level.
It almost looks like if a skirt were added on, it could be the perfect dress! She dresses the top down with a pair of skinny jeans but immediately bring the glam factor back up with these yellow satin bow sling back peep-toe shoes. And not to mention the fab accessories she threw on. The bracelets are hot and so is that blue clutch! I am loving this all the way!

On The Hunt: Lindsay's Shoes

These remind me of PRADA'S Spring collection featuring the "fantasy-themed" pieces, but I'm pretty sure I'm wrong! lol If you've seen them, or know who and what they are, send me a note!
I love the unpredictability of this chick! She may step out in black leggings and matching LANVIN flats, or hot shorts and these things! Gotta love it.
I'm really a fan of the colors in the shoe. LINDSAY managed to pick them all up with her pink tee,white jacket and pink BALENCIAGA motorcycle bag.

The hunt begins here! Gook luck!

Happy Father's Day!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

This N' That

USHER'S Brown Leather Jacket that he wore on TRL last week.
AMERIE'S Sunglasses

SOLANGE'S MIU MIU Dragonfly Shoes

ALICIA'S Hair, make-up & tan :)

AMERIE'S black & gold PRADA boots.

Look of the Week: Amerie

AMERIE attended the 36th AFI Life Achievement Awards wearing this beautiful champagne dress. I love the cut, and the skirt on it. The way it falls at the bottom is so light airy and I love it!

Style Showdown: Alexis Phifer vs. Wilma Flinstone

So I think that Kanye's ex-fiance ALEXIS was channeling WILMA FLINSTONE the other night a party she hosted and attended. She even wore the stone-age bracelet to top it off. What do you think? Did she pull it off? I don't know if I really like it, I don't particularly dig the ragged bottom.

Vanessa Bryant's Fashion Game

While KOBE is handling the basketball game, it looks like his wife VANESSA is handling the fashion game. I'm sure one of the many perks of being, what some may call the best player since Jordan to grace the courts' wife, is being able to spend as much as you want on your wardrobe. She was spotted leaving the only victorious game of the final series on Tuesday wearing 2 key pieces from the recent Sex & the City Movie.

BRYANT wore a pair of shoes that I would say were the co-star of the movie. The "Something Blue" Manolo Blahnik satin pumps go for $895 and were Carrie's pride and joy! Her first item in her new closet.....for those fashion slackers who haven't seen it yet, I won't say anymore!

Her purse was also a hot topic among Sex & the City devotees! The Eiffel tower purse, worn by Carrie (pictured below) is by TIMMY WOODS and there are 2 versions of it available. The crystallized version of it, exactly like Carrie's goes for about $2500, and the non-crystallized version is about $400. But of course, from the looks of things, BRYANT wasn't going for the version w/less bling.

By the way, the rest of her outfit here is phenomenal! I am loving the cropped puff sleeve jacket and the skinny pant. She definitely doesn't look like she 's going to a basketball game, but hey, I'd use every opportunity I had to dress up too if I were in her position.

My Idol

ANGELA BURT-MURRAY, editor in chief of ESSENCE magazine [pictured here with Rocsi].

Chrisette Michele's "Love is You" Video

One of my favorite artists has just released a new video for her next single from her album "I Am." Very cute, interracial relationship going on here and like Alicia Keys just did in her latest effort, Michele throws herself back into school for this video.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bag Lady: Lindsay's Rainbow Python

This bag is soooo summer! I absolutely love it, and the colors work so well together, which is hard for a snake skin bag like this....nevertheless, it works! I'm thinking it's by MARC, though I'm not completely sure. Either way, it is working for me, and I might have to start saving my pennies immediately!

*UPDATE: This is a Dolce & Gababana Bag from the Spring 2008 Ready to Wear collection.

Monday, June 2, 2008

RIP Yves Saint Laurent

This is so sad, what an influential designer. He will always be remembered, through his clothes, style and innovation.

"Yves Saint Laurent, one of the most influential and enduring designers of the 20th century, empowered women by reinventing pants as a sleek, elegant staple of the female wardrobe.

Saint Laurent, 71, died Sunday night at his Paris home after a yearlong battle with brain cancer, said Pierre Berge, Saint Laurent's close friend and business partner for four decades.

"Chanel gave women freedom," and Saint Laurent "gave them power," Berge said on France-Info radio. He called Saint Laurent a "true creator" who went beyond the aesthetic to make a social statement."
-Associated Press