Monday, November 10, 2008

Get the look: Alicia Keys

ALICIA KEYS recently wore this jumpsuit during a performance and I really liked it. For some reason, right now I am really gravitating towards them when I go shopping. They can be dressed up or down. You can throw on heels and a belt (as did Alicia), or you can put on a pair of cute flat sandals and make it more casual. I was shopping last night and when I stopped in Forever 21, I saw that they were really catering to jumpsuit-happy people! I tried one on, and it wasn't bad, but I didn't love the way it looked on me, so I left it for someone who would.
When I went on the website, they have one similar to Alicia's, minus the deep V-neck, which is probably more appropriate for everyday wear anyway. The Abby Knit Jumpsuit is only $19.80 and I think paired up with a bright shoe like Alicia's, you can duplicate the look. There are a few versions of the jumpsuit over at Forever 21, so take your pick. My shoe suggestion would be the Giambattista Valli's pink platform.

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