Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oscar Favs.....

SARAH JESSICA PARKER in this gorgeous dress! I think it could be the perfect wedding dress, and I loved it the most out of all the dresses that night!

I loved HALLE and BEYONCE'S dresses. They were pretty similar but they were both stunning!

My other favs were TARAJI and QUEEN LATIFAH.  I loved the color that the Queen chose and Taraji just looked, make up, the works! And I really think Queen Latifah always hits it right on the head! She is so beautiful and you're never left saying "That dress doesn't flatter her." She knows how to pick dresses that fit perfectly and are  very fashionable!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Hotness....since I've been gone

I cannot even begin to tell you how busy I've been and how sad I am that I haven't been able to post as much! I love my blog and I feel like I'm having withdrawls! lol
So obviously I picked the busiest time in fashion/award shows to get a f/t job! And I want to post eveeeerything I see! So here's a little bit of what I've been feeling:
SOLANGE and the houndstooth combo. Now normally, I would have been a little resistant to the idea of someone combining yellow houndstooth and white and black but it works here! I dig this girls style and pretty much her ability to take a chance with fashion!
KEYSHIA COLE wore this amazing number during Grammy madness in LA and I am in love with the whole look. The colors are amazing, the jewelry is hot and the hair is done! This is my perfect Keyshia look, she definitely was right on point with this one!
ZOE KRAVITZ had a very cute boho-chic look going on here. Just when I thought I was over the indie inspired headbands, she makes me like like it again...

KANYE WEST hit up just about every show during fashion week, and remained amazingly original. I think I liked all of the looks I saw and I was particularly impressed by his choice of manbags....Goyard, Louis, Hermes, just to name a few. Here looks super fresh with the buttoned up jean jacket and his LV Monogram Carryall. I love it! Only Kanye...and maybe Pharrell, lol.


Well it's finally heeeere!!! I started off my official birthday weekend last night with a fun game of bowling with my closest friends! Tonight and every other night of the weekend will be an extravaganza!!! :) I have the perfect bday dress for tonight, but I'm disappointed I don't have the Louboutin's I wanted to go with it! Oh well...maybe next time! I'm so grateful to be able to celebrate another year in this wonderful world! And I look forward to many, many more...God willing! I love you all and thanks so much for reading!

PS Happy Birthday to my Birthday twins Zipporah and Rihanna!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Check it out!

Check out my write-up of Keri's showcase at the Lexus Listening Lounge last night over at!

If I Had My Way....

So I'm going to start a little section called: "If I Had My Way"

It will be your basic change here or there (clothes, hair, make-up, etc.) or what I think could have made a look better....if I had my way. Let me know what you think!

So, If I had my way....

Rachel Zoe would start embracing her body! She'd wear clothes that are actually flattering! I love her so much and her clothes are so amazing, it's a mystery to me why she dresses this way.

Pepa would definitely get a clue and hire a stylist. I love her and her personality, but this woman kills me when she steps out! The satin suit, and boots are a no-no. If I had my way, she'd get into cute short dresses, she has amazing legs and should flaunt em! She would also get a new wig lady...this one is not doing her any justice.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kanye is so fab!

I already did a quick post about his shoe designs for Louis Vuitton, but now I've seen the red ones and I think they deserve another post! I am loving these shoes, he definitely knocked it out of the park with his partnership with MJ and LV. The shoes are so versatile, I can see them being worn so many ways. 

West hit up just about every show at Paris fashion week, sans Alexis this year...but believe he found another form of arm candy....the camouflage Louis (how you want it the tux or the tule? lol).