Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The wait is OVER! He's officially back w/new material! I love love love the new single "Pretty Wings" and I know I'll love the other stuff too! His music really makes life better!
Testing out this mobile Blogger to see if I want to use it....

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Picks: R&B Chicks

So people have really been out and about and the R&B chicks are really dressing to impress! I am loving so much of what I see! Here are a few of the ensembles that I thought stood out!
Of course, BEYONCE turned it up with her Balmain dress at her Obsessed movie premiere last night. Loving the train and the Louboutins!
MONICA is usually dress so cute, but i really liked this studded  vest/jacket she wore to a BET event last night! It goes so cute with the jeans and the shoes. The boots are done! Love it.
CIARA changed her hair up a bit, but followed suit when it came to the Louis Vuitton spicy Sandals. Even though I think these shoes will soon be worn out, as every celeb is rocking them lately, she still looks great! I love the jacket and glasses!
While overseas promoting her new project, KERI HILSON also looked rocker chic in this skin tight ensemble topped off by a stone washed denim cropped vest. She loves her peep toe booties!
Making the list again, BEYONCE really made me want this ruffled trench! Her Ruthie Davis platforms were also amazing!

Las but not least, KIM KARDASHIAN put together some very key pieces to make one great look! I love the color of the skirt, and the leather jacket and belt set it off, I would so wear this, head to toe!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Matthew Williamson + H&M = HOT!

So I was so excited to learn that MW was doing a collabo with H&M, as many others have done successfully in the past, but I knew this would be different. While there was nothing that I'd die to have from the Cavalli line and the collection from Madonna was great but I didn't get anything. The story is different with the Matthew Wiliamson line; I really want to grab a few pieces but I have to get there soon, as I know everything will soon sell out quickly! Here are some of the pieces that were my fav! I wish they sold online!

Head over to H&M.com to find a location near you!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Links of Love!

Check out which other celebs are rocking the Louis Vuitton "Spicy Heels" - Red Carpet Fashions

Head over to Fashion Manifesto to get your Fashionista Bookworm on!

See Kanye strike a pose in the latest LV Campaign for his shoes. - Inword...Fab

One of the hottest shoes I've seen in a while over at Noir Lace

Get a peek at the latest Louis Vuitton you're sure to see as arm candy on the hottest celebs! - Fresco Daily

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tiffany of the Bad Girls Club!

Straight out of Chi Town and fresh out of the Bad Girls Club, TIFFANY is definitely a name to remember. By far my favorite personality of the season, Tiff’s MO of keeping it real was definitely in effect when I met her this weekend. Laid out by the pool on one of LA’s hottest days of the month, she was so warm and friendly upon our greeting one another. We retreated from the heat into an air-conditioned space (thank God!) and the questions began…

Tiffany who is probably portrayed as one of the wildest ones of the bunch seems like the total opposite in our interview. I take that back, Kayla was probably the wildest, who is also in LA is texting Tiffany as we speak, “I still talk to Kayla, I talk to everyone with the exception of 'The Amber’s.' ” If you watched the show you know why….

The season was very entertaining, but I wanted this piece to be about the person, and not the personality. Tiffany is much more than we got to see in the show, which wrapped last October. She is in town for a video shoot with pop artist, Janeen Simone. The single is appropriately titled "Bad Girl," was featured on the show, but Tiffany's not featured on the track “I cannot sing…I think most people think because I my voice I can sing, but no!” Believe it or not, Tiffany’s heart is in acting. She participated in school plays throughout grade school and college and is now taking the stage as the lead in her hometown of Chicago in the play “The Mr. and the Mrs,” which will begin production in June.

On the fashion/style tip, Tiffany’s two piece bikini with weaved ribbon accent is cute, but on this hot day it’s the only thing I get to see her in. However, when asked about her everyday style, the self proclaimed girly girl expresses, “It’s all about the shoes, the handbag, and jewelry.” My sentiments exactly! “What’s in between can be whatever, I'm not into brands," explains the boutique shopper. “I like one of a kind pieces that not everyone will have, or they may have made just 5 of them.” Her favorite bag right now? “My big pink Coach bag I got for my birthday, my favorite color is pink,” the Aries expresses. We both busted out in laughter when she shares “I don’t do gym shoes, mmm mmm, no!” While she wasn't specific as to which bag she was talking about I'm thinking it's this one:
Bonnie Foldover Crossbody, $278.00

She has plans to eventually move to Los Angeles, but no time soon. She won’t be leaving behind a boyfriend, as she says she’s currently single but has “friends.” “I want to make sure everything is secure when I come here, but I definitely see it in my future.” Smart girl; L.A. is a rough place for people chasing an empty dream, but I think Miss Tiff will be just fine, her dreams are far from empty and I wish her the best of luck. She has goals and aspirations that she’s very passionate about and I’m sure we’ll see her name in lights sooner than later!

Foot Fetish: B's "Spicy Sandals" & CiCi's "Dillian Bootie's"

Loving MRS. CARTER'S whole look here, but the LV "Spicy Sandals" set the whole look off. I am reeeally digging the designs from this particular collection. These shoes will probably be everywhere as knockoffs: Bakers, Downtown, Steve Madden, etc. But I'm going to say please don;t get them, I know that they won't look as good, this is just too crafty of a shoe to be redone w/cheap materials and actually look like a fake.

My other exciting sighting for one of my fav shoes right now is CIARA in the Christian Louboutin Dillian style in pink. I am just in love with the style and the whole shoe! Sooo amazing! I did a post on them a few weeks back and I knew I'd start seeing them on our fav celebs soon! Her bag isn't bad either!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Do you watch Bravo's Bad Girls Club?

For fans of the cast of this season, I have a surprise for you next week! ;)

Foot Fetish: Sachi 2 Platform

So this is definitely going to be my next purchase! I first saw them online at TopShop.com when I was looking for a pair of bright, neon pumps but I was not sure how they'd look on a foot. But JUNE AMBROSE and CHRISETTE MICHELE both proved to me that they look just as hot on as they do in the photo!
June posted herself wearing the shoes in her TwitPic Dairy, which I love and you'll be seeing a post on soon...and Chrisette wore them during a performance, both times very cute! June is styling for Chrisette right now too, I wonder if she took them off her fee to complete the look! I love when stylists remove items from themselves to complete a look!

The Sachi 2 Platform is available at TopShop.com and they will set you back $135.00. I am heading over to order my pair now!

*UPDATE: They are sold out of every size except US 7.....dammmnit!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Speak of the devil....or should I say Louis?!

I see that I'm not the only one lusting after the new Louis clutch! I was over at one of my fav sites, Red Carpet Fashion Awards and I see that KELLY OSBOURNE is also a fan of the African Queen Clutch. Love it!

Bag Lady: I heart the African Queen Clutch!

So Louis Vuitton has gone and done it again! This time it's by way of their Show Spring Summer 2009 Collection. Inspired by the Stephen Sprouse, the African Queen Clutch is sooo amazing.

Not only am I a sucker for animal print, I love the golden colors used and the closure is very appealing as well. Check out the different colors available...or not. It seems this bags is already sold out in a some of the colors.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bag Lady: Rihanna & her Givenchy Nightingale

RIHANNA was spotted wearing this Givenchy Nightingale bag the other day while heading to the studio in Santa Monica. She also has the bag in purple in the larger size.

I am not a very big fan of this one in particular, but they style is still one I love. My black one is still giving me the satisfaction I need, but I may switch it up a bit and get one with a patter, we'll see. Which bag are you feeling more?

Found: Beyonce's Grey Ant Sunglasses

With the help of Concreteloop.com, I now know what type of sunglasses B was rocking last week. The oversized Wayfarers are by Grey Ant and retail fro $230. Something within reason luckily! I think if they don't sell out in a day, I'll have to try to get some.

I love the thick frame, they are so something I'd wear! The shades also come in red and clear, but I'm going to stick with black on this one.

Monday, April 6, 2009

On the Hunt: Beyonce's Sunglasses!

BEYONCE was spotted out and about with her husband of one year JAY Z this weekend. The two were said to be celebrating their anniversary, very cute! But what I want to know is what kind of sunglasses B had on....I am officially on the hunt for these. Any info about the designer or where I can find them, let me know!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bag Lady: Are we feeling Melissa's sheer Fendi?

I thought my mind was playing tricks on me at first, but I soon realized that the Fendi bag Rihanna's BFF and assistant Melissa was carrying was transparent. It is really cute, but I don't know if I'm trilled with the idea of everyone being able to see what I'm carrying around, especially for those of us who tend to carry any and everything!

There is also a tote version of this bag but I have to say, I'm really not feeling either. How about you?

The Man Behind the Mane!

I just wanted to touch on the hair genius Dickey! I was doing some browsing over at Essence.com and they did a special on Kelis' Hair Evolution and her main stylist, Dickey gives his input on each of her drastic styles that he's helped make famous. 

He has also worked on the tresses on first lady Michelle Obama and we know her hair is always fabulous! Dickey also has a line of hair products called Hair Rules for kinky, wavy and curly hair, which I'm definitely going to try!