Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Somebody better watch out for PETA!

LINDSAY LOHAN has been out about out in NYC all week and something is different. She is of course in her signature tights with a acute pair of heels or boots, but she's added something else to the mix: FUR! Like I said above, somebody better watch our for PETA before she ends up their target like the OLSEN TWINS a few months ago. I think she looks cute, and I'm sure it's cold in NYC, so she has every right to throw on something a little extra to keep her warm right? The first day LOHAN rocks a longer tan fur coat, American Apparel tights, patent ankle boots and a YSL bag. The next day she opts for a shorter black cropped fur coat, once again with AA leggings, adding a beanie to the mix. The following day she only wears a jacket trimmed in fur, but instead of tights she goes for the opaque black stocking and a change of handbag. What do you think? Is going fur-less better?

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