Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chrisette Michele's "Love is You"

I am the biggest CHRISETTE MICHELE fan there is! She is totally amazing and her voice is so comforting! The things she can do, and her range is impeccable! So of course I was both shocked and pleased when I was sitting here checking my email and I heard one of my favorite songs off of her debut album "Love is You," on the new Nivea lotion commercial. It looks like Nivea is promoting their Valentine's Day special, and using the tune is very appropriate for the concept. I wish she'd get more endorsements. It seems like her "type of voice," that raspy/soulful sound is in for commercials, since that's what I've been hearing lately. Congrats Chrisette!

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ReneƩ said...

I love that song and her music =)