Thursday, January 24, 2008

New YSL Muse Bag!

My mother was just reading in the paper the other day (Sunday to be exact) that the YSL Muse bag is officially DEAD! The company classified it as a limited edition, which meant getting one was a tremendous feat. But when they produced more than they had originally told buyers, it was soon on the arm of every "Tom, Dick & Jane." This, according to the article, quickly makes an it bag, a "not it" bag. If it is too accessible, the elite who where given first dibbs, quickly lose a liking to the bag. The Muse II (two) has just been introduced, by who else than KATE MOSS, the uber fab face of over 10 high fashion lines, in the new Ad Campaign. I love the concept of her looking through this window of the Yves Saint Laurent store. The bag comesin 2 sizes, as did the first version. They go for $1895 for the large and $1695 for the medium. You can get it @ SAKS of course or get on the wait list now by calling Fatima at YSL 310-271-4110 to order yours soon! It will come in various colors, blue is in the and and pictured separately is the burgundy. I won't be dropping the near $2,000 for one, I just don't love it that much, but it is a very beautiful bag. What do you think?

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