Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Hotness: Banging Belts!

More FENDI! KIM KARDASHIAN was out and about wearing a very cute black long sleeved wrap dress. I love the dress, it is soooo cute and she looks amazing. The belt is what makes this outfit. It is a FENDI gemstone belt that is reminiscent of the new angle MARC JACOBS is taking with his new season. I love the oversize gemstones splashed across the covers of every fashion magazine! I just bought a very cute MJ Ring that is HUGE, and I am loving it! The belt is sold for $665.00, and available at Bergdorf's of course.

Next is one of my favorite fashionista's LINDSAY LOHAN, wearing a HERMES belt. I love this belt, and if my waistline were a bit smaller, I'd have one in every color! lol I don't wear belts, but if I did, this would definitely be my #1 pick. It's classic, and won't go out of style! The belt features the signature "H" at the front, and goes for $480.00. The most popular colors are black and blue, but I prefer blue. You can purchase multiple belts, and one "H" buckle, transferring it to whichever color you prefer to wear that day. The buckle is $165.00 and the belt is $315.00, bringing the total to $480.00. The buckle is also available in gold.

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