Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hair "Hotness"

I was just browsing around, as I usually do and I cam across a pic of Ms. ALICIA KEYS in a photo shoot of the hairstyle she rocked in her "NO ONE" video. I love it, it's so fresh and something we haven't really seen before. I truly think I am going to have to try it. I already did, once I saw the video, with the help of my best friend Kedra, but I'm going to have to let my beautician get her hands in it to really get the effect I'm looking for. The style features a French braid that begins at the front of the forehead and remains on the hairline all the way around to the back, eventually turning into a regular hanging braid, lose curly hair, or whatever you wish to do with the ends. That's my attempt at explaining it, lol. Refer to the photos to see it manifest. This woman is known for starting a hair trends, because I know you all remember the braids with that one single braid coming in front of the ear?! Yeah... I thought so, lol. Anyways, after looking for a pic of that style, I came across numerous photos of her with all these different styles and she is a woman that can truly wear just about any style! She looks terrific in every shot, with a completely different "do!" Kudos to Ms. KEYS for taking chances and even more to her hair stylist, becuase rarely do the people behind the "magic" receive the credit they deserve. *You can click on any of the pics to view them full size*

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