Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fashionable Duos: Red Carpet Class

I was so amazed at how wonderful everyone looked on the Red Carpets for the past few days. First of all, a couple that I believe is one of the most attractive couples in Hollywood WILL & JADA PINKETT SMITH. They attended the screening for his new release "I Am Legend." Jada dons a very cute emerald green sequined dress, with frayed mesh at the bust, that fit her little petit figure so well. WILL wore a velvet pinstripe blazer, and I think what did it for me was the scarf. He looks amazing, and I think it is an Alexander McQueen scarf, but I'm not 100%. It fits him very well, as I am sure it is tailored.

are also an amazing looking couple, and they wore the clothes to compliment their appeal, also to the same premiere as the Smith's. The champagne dress with the weaved detail at the stomach is absolutely amazing, and makes for beautiful piece. WHITFIELD looks stunning in his tux, and they both look fantastic together.

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