Friday, December 7, 2007

Me No Likey: Shinig a Little Too Much.....

I saw some very very cute looks these past few weeks, but I have unfortunately also seen some not so nice looks too.

SHAR JACKSON was a little too shiny when she stepped out this particular night. I don't know if it is the photography, and the dress looks better in person, but it does not look good on camera. She over-did it with the matching stockings and the booties are not a very good selection for the outfit. Me nooo likey!

Owner of the popular blog site "," ANGEL showed us who was behind the keyboard at a Radar Magazine party, but unfortunately I am not feeling the dress she chose. It is too shiny, and takes away from the design of the dress. I am also not a fan of these types of dresses, with arm shawls, wraps, etc. It also looks a bit too tight, but it's only my opinion.

Next is KATE HUDSON who also took the shiny look to another level. I don't like this particular dress, it looks like two dresses sewn together. I don't like the boots with it, and the fact that it's silver from head to toe doesn't help.

JASMINE GUY wore a piece in which I believe to be a part of Kimora's KLS collection, that is also a little too shiny in my opinion. It looks like it is not a finished piece, and the black on black tights and shoes do not work here.

Last is ELISE NEAL, who over-did it with the gold color at a recent ED HARDY event. The whole outfit looks cheap, and I do not think the hoodie and the gold knee-high boots should be worn at the same time. It's too much.

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