Friday, December 28, 2007

Double Takes: LiLo's American Apparel Tights!

These hot leggings have a little twist to them in comparison to your typical legging. The trend caught on quickly and has not yet died down. I personally love it, but it's about time that it's changed up a little. American Apparel is the company behind the beautiful colors that have taken us by storm in the past few months. I love the variety of colors available and the different materials too.

LiLo, as I affectionately refer to her as, embraced the newer design from American Apparel, however she is sticking with her uniformed black choice. I personally would love it if she'd add some color to her wardrobe, but I do have to admit, she looks amazing either way. LOHAN was spotted out and about numerous times, once picking up more items from American Apparel, wearing the "Shiny Nylon Tricot Legging." I am going to purchase a few myself, and I will probably add some color unlike LiLo, but of course nothing too bright. She pairs the leggings with ankle boots, knee high heeled boots, fur coats and hoodies. I love the different looks and she even got little sister ALIANA better known as ALI, in on the trend. They both look cute here, and ALI has obviously been taking notes from her big sis.

You can mosie on over to your nearest American Apparel, or you can visit the site and have them sent to your front door: The stylish tights will run you $34.00 before shipping. Be careful, you may get carried away, they carry some of the best basics for your wardrobe! Happy shopping! xoxo

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