Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's on the Tube: Harlem Heights

Well it's obvious I got my fair share of BET last night! Right after Rip the Runway was the premiere of Harlem Heights a new reality series about a group of twenty-something socialite friends trying to make it big and lay their own paths in their respective industries. They reside in Harlem, and they are very proud of it! I have only been able to visit Harlem once but when I went I love it! I only wish I could have stayed longer!

Anyways, I'm excited to finally see a reality show on BET that is not a joke or embarrasing...."not all black people live in the ghetto" (Baldwin Hills anyone?) Of course, the drama is there because what's good TV w/o drama, right? But I like it so far. It's socially conscious ad I love that all of these people are doing great things. Law school, designers for Victoria's Secret, Nonprofit execs...it's all so inspiring! I love it....hopefully they don't make me regret it! lol

And to bring it back to fashion....what is Brooke wearing at the premiere party? *smh* Kanye's ex is trying to be a little too different here for me. It is dancing on the line between high-fashion and skanky. Hmmmm Brooke, I don't know about this one, but the rest of the girls looked fabulous!

I love watching just to see what the girls pop up in next, especially Brianna!

Monday nights @ 10pm.....7pm for those on the WC with DirecTv.... :) Enjoy!