Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I cannot even begin to tell you how in awe I am at Kanye an his new little piece of arm candy Amber Rose. They are so fresh! I mean really....she wears some of the most revealing, outrageous things but she puts her own funky twist on it and it looks good. I know many of you will disagree but anyone on Kanye's arm has got to be rocking the flyyesst ish. Since I've been watching the couple, it's nothing but high-end designers and funky tights to show off that crazy shape she has! She's different and I like that....not your typical fashionista. I can't wait to see what these two will pop up in next....they are killing fashion week so far!

They're featured over in my "Style Star of the Moment" slideshow, but I need to zoom-in on these Chanel shades she's wearing! AMAZING! I really want to get my hands on these!

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Elle said...

This is why I luv you...you appreciate over the top fashion just like me! Haters be damned!