Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zoom In: Some things never change....

RIHANNA has not let the drama as of late throw any kinks in her fashion program. She is definitely stepping out and in some of the flyyest pieces I've seen in a minute! Just to name a few....

....I'd like to zoom in on this sweater she has on here! No clue who it's by or where you can find it but I DO know it's hot! Love love love the gray and fur mix, and it's so over the top a jeans and t-shirt work perfectly with it! The gloves set it off!

And I am loving the detail of the jeans!!!

This very cute little Miami style silk number was perfect for going to the club and I would not typically think it is very hot but she pulls it off. Very cute...loving the shorts!

Lastly, she is house hunting in LALA Land and think chick is basically letting everyone know there ain't a damn thing wrong with her fashion sense! I am over here drooling off of her silver sling back Loubotins! I want htem NOW!

I just got my first pair, but definitely kept it simple and black bcus I am going to get my money's worth! lol Something RiRi doesn't have to worry about! The studded blazer is amazing and the shorts are a very nice touch. It was a perfect day in LA for this type of look!

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