Friday, March 13, 2009

Shoe Showdown Part 1 & 2

The first shoe showdown is between SOLANGE, KEYSHIA COLE & MEAGAN GOOD. They all rocked these Pierre Hardy Plastic Strap Sandals. Meagan was the last person to wear them at the recent taping if Snoop's show Dogg After Dark, which I went to the taping of a few weeks and...and I have no comment, lol.Who is rocking the shoes best?

There's also the Louis Vuitton shoes that AMBER ROSE, Kanye's new arm candy was rocking and then I spotted CHRISTINA MILIAN rocking the same shoes just the other day at The Dreams album release party. Two very different looks for one very cute shoe. I didnt even this these were that hot when I saw Madonna in them in the new ad, but these girls make me reconsider! What do you think?

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