Friday, October 31, 2008

Foot Fetish

JADA is once again rocking the Hermes bag that I requested she send to me when she decides to move on, along with a pair of Christian Louboutin Sigourney ankle booties.

BEYONCE is wearing a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti studded silver toe pumps that are very hot and reminiscent of the Ariella chapter from Louboutin.

Happy Halloween! Be Safe!

Blast from the Past!

My how times have changed! Look @ the sisters several years back, isn't this funny? You got to love it!

Style Showdown: Tyson vs. Solange

The two were both showing their support for Presidential Candidate BARACK OBAMA by wearing the same tee from Urban Outfitters. SOLANGE accessorized hers with a thin gold belt and neclkace, but I wouldn't expect anything like this from TYSON.
Instead he threw on a long sleeve shirt under it and went for a different look. Which way do you like better? The "long sleeve version" or the glammed up one?

My Halloween Costume!

This year I'm going to be BETTY RUBBLE from The Flintstones for Halloween. It was a very last minute and this is the first year I made my own costume! Usually I go to the costume shops and buy the already put together ensemble, but money is tight so I'm getting creative! Initially I went to Micheal's with my BFF to help her put together her Pebbles Flinstone outfit and ended up leaving with the materials to make my Betty Rubble costume.

betty rubble by fashionistadiva220
I've never done this before, but it was so much fun, and I'm proud of the outcome! I bought 2 blue t-shirts and a large white shell charm for a necklace. I came home and started cutting! I cut the edges jagged to create the "Flinstone effect" and used the iron on fusion netting to stick the pieces together. I sewed the top part to close up top part of the dress. I had a long wig from last year when I was a hippie so I cut that short, and made a bow with the scraps from the t-shirt and stuck a bow in the middle. This is going to be good! I will take pictures so you can see the outcome!

You know what?

I think I like this! MARIAH CAREY & NICK CANNON are still a very odd couple to me, but I have to admit, they are kinda cute. These outfits are creative and I love when people get into Halloween.
Not only did the two have the fire fighter costumes, but they changed when they got inside to Famous Amos cookies and milk. A perfect match right? The fire fighter outfit was nothing more than a red Fredrick's of Hollywood get-up, but the hat and jacket made it a little better.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Foot Fetish: Ashanti get's bitten by the Babouska Bug!

ASHANTI was spotted in a figure hugging black dress, which she paired up with what seem the be one of the hottest boots of the season: the Babouska Studded Boots. These shoes have also been worn by Cassie, Dawn of Danity Kane and variations of it from Keri Hilson, Vanessa Bryant, Vanessa Simmons, Keyshia Cole etc. Like I said, it's a very popular collection!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Into: CC Skye

I've been a fan of this jewelry for a few years now, but I didn't know how extensive the collection was. I bought the Double Wrap Leather And Chain Bracelet about two years ago, and since then didn't pay much attention to CC SKYE. But lately, I have been really into the pieces, and a few of my favorites include:
Brookie Bracelet
CC SKYE Ryder Hinge Bracelet
Black Patent Single Stud Cuff
Italian Gold Screw Bracelet

I will definitely be saving up so I can accessorize myself soon!

Bag Lady: Gucci Girls!

I came across this pic of two Ex-Girlfriends: JILL MARIE JONES of the show Girlfriends and DEELISHIS, Flavor Flav's Ex Girlfriend, both carrying very popular GUCCI bags. Deelishis' arm candy is the Gucci Indy Bag in black. This bag is also a favorite of Raven Symone and Toni Braxton, as Chi-Chi pointed out once before.
Jones is wearing a Gucci Horsebit Hobo in black that I also used to see her former Girlfriend "Joan Clayton" aka Tracee Ellis Ross rocking on the show. I have this particular bag in the Guccisima leather and it is definitely timeless.
I've had it for about two years and I wear it like I got it yesterday, and receive tons of compliments! Now I know why it's in the "Classic" section of the site. I love bags! lol

Yotam Solomon @ LA Fashion Week

Ok, I know I'm a little behind on the fashion week posts, but you have no idea how crazy things have been around here. With that said, I got to see Yotam Solomon's fabulous runway show showcasing his Spring/Summer 2009 pieces. I loved the odd shapes and the minimal use of color.

If you don't know who Yotam is, he is a Los Angeles based designer, and he is fairly a newbie to the game. This collection was inspired by a number of things:
"Taking his inspiration from everyday cues including the beautiful skies, the sunset, the stars and the infinite galaxies, the collection celebrated the beauty of our universe. A wide variety of exceptional colors such as twilight blue, burnt orange and royal lilac comprised the palette, demonstrating the different forces in nature such as fire, ice, wind, and the spectacular shades of a sunset."
More of my favs from the show:

Links of Love!

ELLE over at in a word....fab gives you the scoop on the flyest boots for the Fall.

Keyshia Cole is headed in a new musical direction, head over to Urban-Hoopla where CHI CHI tells us more about it.

What do Hyundai, Apple and T Pain have in common? Stuff Fly People Like has the answer.

Fashion Manifesto picks our some of her fav things in "I Want That" and I agree w/every single item!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Love L.A.M.B.!!!

So basically, I don't want to hear anything about a recession right now, becuase I am in love with so much of what Fall has to offer! But of course, I check my bank statement and get brought right back to reality....a girl can dream, right?

One line in particular that I would love to accessorize with is GWEN STEFANI'S L.A.M.B. collection! The styles and colors are amazing! Here are a few of my favorite picks right now:

Fen Pump, Black $395.00
Edinburgh McGregor Doctor Bag, Plaid $595.00
Gable Pump $355.00

MUSIC is LIFE: Love Tweet

I was just asking about TWEET! I literally said 3 days ago, "Where is Tweet, I miss her music." And I was so excited to see that she has a project coming out this year!!! She looks gorgeous in this promo shot, and I can't wait to hear some of the new music! I've always loved her style and ehr voice! The project is slated to hit stores December 9th, a big release date for plenty of hot artists (BRITNEY SPEARS, THE DREAM, KERI HILSON, just to name a few).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Top 3 Songs of the Moment:

Just for the hell of it, here is what's blasting on my iPod speaker dock:
1. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by BEYONCE....I have managed to learn the entire video. Was I sore the next day? Absolutely, but was it worth it? YES!
2. Go Girl by CIARA....this song grew on me and now I can't turn it off. Now learning this video is damn near impossible; levitating splits on chairs, jumping into splits from tables?! Needless to say, I moved on, lol.
3. Superhuman by CHRIS BROWN & KERI HILSON....I gotta get my sing on and this song does the job! I can sing both parts loud enough so that I actually sound good to myself. :)

Foot Fetish: Meagan Good

When this girls likes something, she really likes it! MEAGAN GOOD has been known to rock a few signature pieces until the blogs are screaming at her to please retire them. Remember her "Miss Good" earrings we saw waaay too much of? Or how about that Marc Jacobs Stam Bag? You get the picture. However, I must say, that I do applaud her for not really giving a you know what about what we think. We all know she has money in the bank and a millionaire boyfriend, so it's safe to say that she just holds on to things because she genuinely likes them, and there's nothing wrong with that! Especially in this eff'd up situation we call an economy! So more power to you Miss Good!
She has recently taken a liking to two pairs of fab shoes that I love myself, and caught myself drooling over (Jimmy Choo) while popping in Nordstrom's to hit up the MAC counter. The Jimmy Choo Glenys Elaphe Snakeskin Sandals are sooo stylish! I love the style and the color of the shoe. However, I quickly dropped them when I turned the shoe over, revealing the $1295.00 price tag. If I were her, I'd wear mine until the zipper stopped zipping and the heel broke off (lol). She was recently spotted at Area nightclub here in LA wearing them with a very laid back ensemble, at her movie premiere for Saw V in pretty much the same outfit she wore the shoes below with minus the shirt, and a couple of months ago, while hosting a party in Vegas, a little more dressy the first time around. Now, I don't have a problem with the same shoe, or bag, entire outfits within a matter of days Meagan? I don't know about that? I mean, I'm not going to front, I've done it a few times, especially when I think a look is hot, but not if I knew I was making appearances where there would be thousands of cameras. Just wouldn't....

Meagan Good by fashionistadiva220
Which way did you like better?
She has also been seen rocking the Yves Saint Laurent tan canvas 'Tribute' platform Mary Jane's more than once, or twice or three times....but who's counting? She wore the shoes most recently with a leather look. A black leather jacket, leather inspired tights and a spandex tank, adorned with a leopard belt. While out and about promoting her latest film Love Guru, Meagan wore the shoes to just about every appearance. Seen here at one of the premieres, she decided to pair the shoes with a halter floral/leaf print dress (odd), and again with a black and white checkered dress.

meagan2 by fashionistadiva220
I'm liking the all black look, but what about you?

To get item specifics, click the pic or the tag.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Need I say it?

Probably not, but I will anyway: BEYONCE IS BACK! And taking over, one day @ a time....Gracing the pages of the current issue of InStye Magazine.
Starring opposite Adrien Brody as EttaJames in new film Cadillac Records.
Spokeswoman for both Emporio Armani Diamonds and newest extension Emporio Armani Diamonds Intense.
And a new album hitting stores on November 18th, titled I Am...

And that's not even the half of it! It's officially B season!

Project Runway Favs

Okay, so I know I'm a bit late with the Project Runway post, but embarrassingly enough, I just watched the finale this weekend. I have been so busy, I didn't get a chance to see it. I think that was the night of the Jay Z concert? Anyways, after seeing the show, I have to say I was really impressed with some of the looks. I love the detail of Leanne's, the colors that Korto displayed, and the styles that Kenley showed. If I were a judge, it would have definitely been a hard choice to make. I think Leanne won both for her attention to detail and craftsmanship. Here are my fav of each collection.



Can't wait until next season! Hopefully the networks hurry up and get everything worked out!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is Pharrell Channeling Thriller?

It looks like PHARRELL is really trying to bring back the Thriller jacket, as he has been seen on more than one occasion in it. He reversed the colors, but it's still the same exact style, down to every little stitch and pleat.
He recently wore the jacket to the BET Hip Hop Awards and it was then that I realized that he was really serious about it, lol. He has also been spotted wearing it to numerous performances including, the Diesel 30th Anniversary party in Brooklyn. What do you think? Is this style worth resurrecting (no pun intended)?

P.S. If this is something you're considering as a Halloween costume, this is the place to get it.