Thursday, August 21, 2008

My FNMTV Experience

I was lucky enough to attend the last show of the season for "FNMTV" last night on behalf of Rap-Up magazine. Not only did I go to the taping but I got to interview Cassie, Neyo and John Legend, all of which were great to talk to. The show was amazing and I was really digging the whole concept.

But it's a shame that you have to have a show set aside on Music Television for actual music....the irony. I did a write up on my time there for that you can check out HERE.

Cassie def brought her fashion A-game to the scene in her GUCCI Babouska Boots...pretty much my fav boots of the season so far. To read more about the other artists and acts, head over to Rap-Up to read my write-up.

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