Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gucci's Babouska Bootie

This fabulous little shoe was just released and is already popping up on the feet of young Hollywood. I first saw the shoe in person last week when I INTERVIEWED her about her new untitled project due early 2009. She was wearing the full boot and it looked hot! Over the weekend, the bootie version of the shoe was spotted on both VANESSA SIMMONS and JULISSA, who is now a MTV TRL VJ. It's pretty difficult to see either of the shoes, as Vanessa's background is black and Julissa is facing the camera. But if you look hard enough you can see them. Wearing shoes fab as these, they need to be sure and get shot from the back, kicking one foot in the air! lol.

Vanessa paired the bootie with a little black dress and a Fendi clutch.

Julissa wore the boots (better in my opinion) with a white tank, and a short black leather skirt that zips up in the back. Not really feeling the jewelry but overall the look is cute.

These particular pair retail for $995, but if you don;t particularly like them there is an array of different styles. Ranging from ballerina flats, flat boots, sandals, to pumps. Head over to GUCCI.COM to check it out.


Melody.Darlene said...

i didnt know u write for rap-up.com too!! makin moves! loves it!

Don said...

Yep, Run's daughters are definitely growing up...