Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Foot Fetish: Meagan Good

When this girls likes something, she really likes it! MEAGAN GOOD has been known to rock a few signature pieces until the blogs are screaming at her to please retire them. Remember her "Miss Good" earrings we saw waaay too much of? Or how about that Marc Jacobs Stam Bag? You get the picture. However, I must say, that I do applaud her for not really giving a you know what about what we think. We all know she has money in the bank and a millionaire boyfriend, so it's safe to say that she just holds on to things because she genuinely likes them, and there's nothing wrong with that! Especially in this eff'd up situation we call an economy! So more power to you Miss Good!
She has recently taken a liking to two pairs of fab shoes that I love myself, and caught myself drooling over (Jimmy Choo) while popping in Nordstrom's to hit up the MAC counter. The Jimmy Choo Glenys Elaphe Snakeskin Sandals are sooo stylish! I love the style and the color of the shoe. However, I quickly dropped them when I turned the shoe over, revealing the $1295.00 price tag. If I were her, I'd wear mine until the zipper stopped zipping and the heel broke off (lol). She was recently spotted at Area nightclub here in LA wearing them with a very laid back ensemble, at her movie premiere for Saw V in pretty much the same outfit she wore the shoes below with minus the shirt, and a couple of months ago, while hosting a party in Vegas, a little more dressy the first time around. Now, I don't have a problem with the same shoe, or bag, entire outfits within a matter of days Meagan? I don't know about that? I mean, I'm not going to front, I've done it a few times, especially when I think a look is hot, but not if I knew I was making appearances where there would be thousands of cameras. Just wouldn't....

Meagan Good by fashionistadiva220
Which way did you like better?
She has also been seen rocking the Yves Saint Laurent tan canvas 'Tribute' platform Mary Jane's more than once, or twice or three times....but who's counting? She wore the shoes most recently with a leather look. A black leather jacket, leather inspired tights and a spandex tank, adorned with a leopard belt. While out and about promoting her latest film Love Guru, Meagan wore the shoes to just about every appearance. Seen here at one of the premieres, she decided to pair the shoes with a halter floral/leaf print dress (odd), and again with a black and white checkered dress.

meagan2 by fashionistadiva220
I'm liking the all black look, but what about you?

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Chi-Chi said...

You have to applaud Miss Meagan Good for sticking with what she likes. I don't think this is the last we'll seen of her Jimmy Choo/black leggings/YSL pumps/black earrings/leather jacket feitsh! She's simply rocking the pieces for cost per wear. She's getting her money worth of it!