Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Solange brings the "Funky" to her Appearances

SOLANGE aka Solo Star aka B's baby sis is really stepping out on the fashion scene. Clearly she does not look to others for inspiration, but instead, looks to create her own path....possibly for others to follow? I do not know if Mama Tina dresses her youngest superstar daughter also, but if so, that woman had a range of versatility under her sleeve. Solange is always shoeing up in something unexpected and it pretty much works every time. I love all of the outfits she was spotted in and although I wouldn't wear all of them, I commend her for taking a chance and doing her own thing rather than slipping into the cookie cutter template so many other young startles do these days.

Solo wore this cutesy sleeveless dress w/layered skirt and a thick black belt, topping it off with a pair of furry boots! Most of us would not have thrown these boots on, but oddly enough, it works and I like it.

My fav of the looks, Solo throws together a very 80's vintage look. From the pink and purple booties, to the purple fur stole and the thick gold necklace, I am loving every bit of it. Not this is something you'd definitely catch me in. I love the graphic tee and the hair & make-up are done! Love it!

And for some reason, this last look worked for me. I loved the pink tights and the lace-up ankle boot combo. The black and silver attire picked up the design in the boots and the huge belt doesn't hurt either. Hotness indeed.

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