Monday, August 25, 2008

A touch of Yellow to make it POP!

These stylish celebs all threw in a touch of the perfect color: yellow! It really adds to an outfit and is very eye catching when wore correctly.

SERENA added a yellow top and belt to this all black ensemble to make a statement on the red carpet. Can't say I'm loving it but she gorgeous either way!

SOLANGE looked stunning in this yellow dress in a promo shot for her upcoming project. I am loving the effect that it's a bunch of yellow flowers. She rivals Rihanna and Cassie when it comes to cutting edge fashion, in my opinion.

DAWN of Danity Kane, wore this mellow yellow dress recently to an event celebrating the Making the Band Season 4 premiere. I think the looks is safe, but the color is beautiful.

Other member of Danity Kane, D.WOODS thew on a pair of what else? Sneakers to MTV studios last week with a black dress. The look really makes her look short ans stubby and I am not really feeling it, but her glasses are definitely hot.

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