Saturday, August 23, 2008

Look of the Week: Nia & Solange

Usually I just feature one person for the "Look of the Week" but I was very much feeling both of these very different looks for two very different reasons.

Lately SOLANGE has been really making a dent on the fashion a good way. I love everything about this girl; her style, her attitude, and her audacity. She is def the opposite of big sister B, but one thing they do have in common is a great fashion sense, although they dress completely different. She is pictured here performing at a concert in New York wearing 3 very big pieces that I honestly would not have thought to put together, but they worked. I love the accordion pleated strapless dress cinched with the leopard belt and topped off with a studded cropped black leather jacket. The jewelry is amazing and the hair is on point. I love everything about this entire look! Hotness indeed!

First of all let me just say that NIA LONG is one of the most gorgeous women I've seen, and by far the leading lady in Hollywood. She always comes out looking very polished and at least 10 years younger than she is. She could easily pass for still being in her twenties, even though she's pushing 40 at 37 years old. She attended a Black & White event supporting the Obamas in this very cute and short yet tasteful dress. Granted the dress is very simple and plain, but for some reason I just love this look. The shoes are also very amazing which I think won me over.

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