Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boob Tube: "How You Doooiiin?!?!"

OK, so I've already made it clear that for some strange reason I love this woman. LIke WENDY always says, she's a "friend in my head." I love how she is completely real and honest on her show and she brought that hilarious, in your face attitude to the tv screen this week with the 6-week sneak peek of her new daily television series. I have watched every show so far and I love it. The funny ad libs and comments she makes keep me laughing. I was particularly touched today when I saw her break down when an audience member spoke candidly about her 5 miscarriages, something she and WILLIAMS have in common. This was a very touchy subject and a commercial break was taken to help get back on track. As funny and sarcastic as she is, it was good to see a more vulnerable, soft side of WENDY. I am definitely a fan, and the TiVo is currently on Season Record. It airs at 1pm West Coast time (so do the math to figure out when you can catch it) on Fox 11. Hope you like it, I sure do!

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