Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Love a Man in a Suit!!

The so fresh and amazingly debonair JAY Z wears this gray suit so well. Tailored for sure, the perfect fit distracts from the plaid shirt he has on under....not so much a fan of that, but it still looks good.

A tieless NELLY & MAXWELL keep it sexy and casual in their black suits; NELLY going with the pin-stripe button up, while MAXWELL keeps it classic with the basic white dress shirt.

Three of what are arguably the best actors of our time all attended NELSON MANDELA'S 90th birthday party in style. They all look amazing, and although this is just a shot of the upper bodies of FOREST WHITAKER, WILL SMITH, AND DENZEL WASHINGTON, it is clear that their suits are not too shabby. In fact, they are amazing. My fav here is DENZEL'S. I am definitely a fan of black on black suits and he does it justice here.

SHAWN MERRIMAN & MARCUS ALLEN looked amazing at the ESPY'S. I am really loving the purple tie that MERRIMAN has on, it gives the suit more character. A big contrast to ALLEN's which pretty much fades into the shirt.

Alright, now this is my kind of party, lol. TYRESE, DERRICK FISHER, AND TERRELL OWENS all came straight off of the pages of GQ at this ESPY event. None of whom I think are particularly drop dead gorgeous (except Tyrese) all make me look just a little bit longer than I would usually. That suit really pumps up their sexy factor! T.O. goes black and white and definitely does it right. I love the jacket, the black trim really gives it a classy look. FISHER looks more like a news reporter with that tie, but still very nice. And He's pretty much my fav complexion. I know that sounds weird but his skin is so beautiful, and when he smiles, those beautiful white teeth contrast with that skin...ok let me stop! He went for the sexier look opening up the shirt to expose that chest, and of course I have no problem with that, lol.

Last but not least is soccer American soccer phenom FREDDY ADU. If you don't know who he is, you truly need to ask somebody! He is pictured at the ESPY Awards (which was amazing by the way). He also went tieless and the suit is obviously tailored, being that it fits so well. I said it once and I'll say it again......I LOVE a man in a suit!

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