Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Wow, let me just say that I did not like that jolt we felt yesterday morning! It was scary as hell! The craziest part about it was that I was watching Oceans 13, and if any of you have seen that you know about the Earthquake scene....yes that exact scene was on when the quake began! I was thinking that I was losing my mind, and that the movie was in 3D! In my area it was more of a wavy feeing, as we were not the center o it, but still just as scary. We had a few pictures fall and shatter and the pool was looking like the beach waves for a minute but everything else and thankfully everyone was fine. The craziest thing about it is that many people have not experienced this before and literally do not know what to do. Here are some friendly tips on what to do when an Earthquake occurs:


* Inside, stand in doorway, or crouch under a desk or table, well away from windows or glass dividers.
* Outside, stand away from buildings, trees, telephones and electrical lines.
* On the road, drive away from underpasses and overpasses; stop in safe area; stay in vehicle.

Be safe out there everyone!

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