Monday, February 11, 2008

Grammy Glamour

Because there were so many outfit changes, parties, shows, post parties, etc. this week, I just decided to post my favorite looks of the festive weekend.

BEYONCE KNOWLES looked amazing in her number of looks last night, but I think this is the one I liked the most. It was an Elie Saab gown, and the ice blue color looks great against her skin. I love the cut up top, the asymmetrical line makes it a little more interesting. Not so sure about the hair, I can see the look she was going for but I'm not sure it was achieved, or if I like it.

Next, contrary to popular opinion, I liked KEYSHIA COLE's look. The only thing I would have changed was her shoes, I would have added something a little more funky and chunky. I'm not really feeling strappy sandals lately. I love the dress, she looks like a little doll, not to mention the black hair. I really think this color looks good on her. The blonde wasn't bad, but having had orange, red, and platinum, I think she proved she can rock just about any color and pass.

A girl who rarely disappoints, RIHANNA wore a beautiful royal blue Zac Posen dress that I loved. Some thought it was not good for her figure, but I think she looks great!The feathers under the skirt of the dress add to the fluffy look. I think it could work with r without the straps but looks good either way.

Next, another royal blue number on NELLY FURTADO. The Grecian inspired strapless gown was stunning on FURTADO. I am not however, feeling the hair. The slick back look does nothing for her.

Songstress NATASHA BEDINGFIELD wore this very cute purple flowing dress that was very simple, yet stylish. The belt adds a very visible waistline and add some style to the dress. This very striking color and does a lot for her. Me likey.

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