Monday, February 11, 2008

Grammy Trend: Shiny & Sparkly

When checking out this year's Grammy fashions, I noticed that many of the stars were very shiny. I personally do not like this material, but it can pass sometimes. For example with KEYSHIA COLE, I think she pulled it off. The halter dress and the shoes make for a very stylish ensemble, and little COLE looks very cute in it. I give her a thumbs up for shiny fashion.

Another one of my favorite singers BRANDY also exercised the shiny look with a kimono style dress along with one of the other most popular trends: black tights w/black shoes. She wore this dress to an awards afterparty, and I like the look, BRANDY looks cute and her jewelry is amazing too.

Next is another dress that was absolutely not my favorite, but nonetheless, still shiny. JILL SCOTT wore this dress to the awards ceremony and though it is not very becoming, I still love her. The color, cut and style is not attractive, but she doesn't look absolutely horrible. I also don't like the fact that her undergarments (spanks) show, due to the material of this dress.

One of the hosts for your nightly Entertainment shows SHAUN ROBINSON, of Access Hollywood [thanks JAWN!] wore a shiny v-neck dress with an embellished empire waist. The dress is not bad, and she rocked the right accessories with it. Cute look, not so cute material.

And last but not least is AMERIE. She is showing of the thing she's most famous for, right after her voice of course. Those legs must be the "One thing that had him trippin'," because she loves to sow them off, and rightfully so. This black layered dress was paired with a pair of YSL tribute pumps that I've seen her in a few times before, including CHINGY's video featuring her. This is probably the best one, especially because it is the furthest thing away from that material ad possible. Good look girlie!

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