Monday, February 11, 2008

For My Fellas: Stylish Suits

These men looked amazing in their suits last night! I liked SEAL look the best because his look was different. He wore an all white suit, slim black tie, with a pair of sneakers, which was what won me over. The shoes really relax the look and make for a more playful SEAL.

Of course, JAY-Z, the man who boasts that his closet has 2 complete floors (levels) is looking amazing in his suit. The TOM FORD suit looked absolutely amazing on CARTER and I fell in love with the jacket becuase it featured a very interesting pattern which reminded me of PRADA a bit. Either way, he looked fantastic.

The last person that I thought was worth mentioning is LUDACRIS. He was wearing GIORGIO ARMANI and he wore it well. The all black suite and dress shirt was paired with a white tie and handkerchief, breaking up the solid black just enough. still remaining very classy. He comes in close second right behind SEAL. I like this look very much.

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