Monday, February 18, 2008

On The Hunt......

....for LINDSAY'S shoe!

I saw LOHAN in this shoe twice in the past week. Once to the 3rd Annual Los Angeles Italian Film Festival, and again while out and about on Valentine's Day. I am thinking they are the CHANEL'S famous Cap toe Spectator pumps, but I am not too sure. Either way, they are hot, but since they are on Lindsay's foot, I'm willing to bet that the come from CHANEL. I could only find black and white versions of the shoe, and not the cream and black color LiLo is donning. I would definitely rock these! Very, very Cute! Oh and her dress in the first shoe is adorable! This dress & shoes was the very closer runner up for my "Look of the Week," but I think I found another. She is the fashionista that I think has her style all figured out and she always finds a way to change it up just enough to keep us watching. As usual, if you happen to come across these babies, let me know! Thanks! :)

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