Monday, February 11, 2008

Style Showdown: Solange vs. Alexis Phifer

So, when SOLANGE hit the red carpet, or the black carpet in this case, to attend the Timbalands Verizon Wireless event, she rocked this very shiny black plastic-looking strapless dress, and a pair of white peep toe sock looking shoes, which are the subject of this edition of the "Style Showdown." I like the look, only becuase it is outside the box and the not like everyone else on the carpet. B's little sis is up against KANYE's fiance ALEXIS PHIFER.

PHIFER wore a design from her own collection at her fashion show for GHITA last year along with a very similar pair of shoes as SOLANGE above. The looks are pretty much the same: a short black dress with the white peep toe shoes. What do you all think? SOLO or ALEXIS?

*another person to rock these shoes this weekend was singer KERI HILSON, but in black. I like the way they look with her outfit the most. They are not my fav pair of shoes but HILSON definitely wore the best outfit with them.

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